Your own garden products

Categories: Natural Product.

Arrange an outdoor space where you can spend unhurried, part of your time in a very rewarding way: contact with nature cultivating your own garden products. Rent a minihuerto. Not for a big production, but to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing grow the vegetables that you like and that you yourself have planted and to share knowledge and experiences with your neighbours horticulturists.

The minihuertos garden plots are located in rental Vilanova del Valles (near Granollers), with a seating area with tables for family meals and enjoy the countryside in a relaxed afternoon.

Learn the art of horticulture and feel the satisfaction of collecting, smell and taste the products that you have gained from your effort.

  • Plots of 25 or 50 m2. Possibility of larger plots (see)
  • Minimum rental period of one year. Payment in advance
  • Services include: counseling, irrigation water, space for storing tools, parking walk enclosure, family dining tables, children’s play area and toilets.
  • Optional services (not included, ask for prices): seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, machinery, care or watering your garden in your absence.

Producing your our products its an interesting way to learn the importance of quality for your body, as you realise that eating correctly is the best way to keep yourself healthy.