Yoga to laugh

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We have written this posts with some funny answers about yogis and yoga to laugh for a while. If you have a sense of humor go ahead, if you have a sad day but you feel tolerance go ahead as well, if you want to think about something else go ahead, butif you are serious, confident or sure of yourself …  today you may better read another article on yoga like yogui vocabulary.

  1. Is yoga the practice of yourself as an individual to grow or its being in community? Well it’s cool to say you do yoga! practica_yoga
  2. Why is it that yogis are handsome? Because breathe opens the pores, cleanses and regenerates your skin yoguis_guapos
  3. Are all yogis vegetarians? Well … it depends on who they are with and when. vegetariana_yogui
  4. What does the word FLOW means in Sanskrit? Fear of commitment! yoga_fluye
  5. If I practice yoga will I be flexible? No! That is only for the softballs yogui_blandiblu
  6. Are yogis calm and good? Well that is the end, but the important is not the end but the way   yoguis_tranquilos
  7. Are you a yogui? Then you do not drink or smoke? In public of course! yogui_no_bebe_ni_fuma
  8. Are the hugs of a yogi sincere? They are synonymous with I want to connect with you. abrazos
  9. Conversation between two friends:
    – (Lucy) How about your relationship with the yogi?
    – (Martha) It’s a very flexible relationship.
    – (Lucy) Ah! How good, isn’t it?
    – (Marta) Yes … he told me that we will see again when it flows 🙂


Want to know more about yoga, meditation, vegetarian food or other similar activities? In this blog you will find other proposals to practice yoga and learn to laugh at yourself!

Happy day 🙂