Yoga of the Eyes

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Have you heard the Yoga of the Eyes?

This is a type of yoga that brings us to the sense of sight on a conscious level. Our eyes, sight, our ability to see … over the years it is true that the organs are weakened … but why some people’s eyes more than others? And why the sense of seeing is of those who accepts to get weaker? If a child has a physical ailment or a muscle atrophy, we work with him or her for days and days until he or she improves and regain mobility or heals. Why do we not do the same with our eyes? Just because we have found outside ourselves elements such as glasses, contact lenses or operations without too many complications or efforts that can solve our problem.

But … What if we become aware of our sight? How can we change our view on life? What if we are aware of everything that comes to us by sight?

During our childhood we have heard phrases like:

  • Stay away you are too close and your eyes will become lazy, or
  • Turn on the light if you do not see, or
  • Turn off the TV it is not good for your eyes, or
  • The screens are not good for your eyes, or
  • Do not play with your eyes that you become cross-eyed, or
  • Do not wink an eye or it will become vague, or
  • With so little light it is hard for you to seen fine …

All these affirmations have been heard by our eyes over and over again … and by doing it, they have become real to us. To each of us at it’s own level, of course like everything else.

If you are one of those people who has believed all this and a lot of things that your eyes have seen … Go ahead and sign up on the workshop om Visual Alchemy or Yoga of the Eyes. A workshop to:

  • discover your eyes,
  • to see what they see every day
  • to decide from now on, what you want to stay inside and what you want to release
  • to see why they act in one way or another
  • to see why fails always in your relationships, with your father or your mother
  • to see what meddles in your partner, your boss, your workers, your brothers, friends, …

A workshop to heal your vision!