Yoga laughter

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Start laughing with a person with whom you have not ever done it … is hard! and it can be really really hard. But the benefits of laughter are above this baseline. Thus it was born the Laughter Therapy, yoga laughter or the art to force the first laugh. And why is it an art? Because so many people have this ability to laugh so hidden that getting it out it is difficult and an art!

What are the benefits of Yoga Laughter?

  • Laughter awakens in you an energy that you want to feel, a sense of well being, a positive mental state that raises optimism and self-esteem. Laughter promotes the production of endorphins, natural painkillers.
  • Laughing strengthens the link between people, breaks barriers, strengthens ties of friendship, m@ther-child, couple, co-workers.
  • Laughter is a way to communicate, to share, to show someone we like and understand him/her.
  • Laughter releases anxiety, eliminates negative emotions. It is a good anti-depressant that reduces stress hormones and depression.
  • At a physical level, laughing cleans and ventilates the lungs with a deep breath and a full exhalation. It is a cardiovascular exercise. Aids digestion and strengthens the abdominals to perform muscle contractions. It helps reducing blood glucose and blood pressure decreases.
  • Laughter is contagious, so you get all these benefits created in you and in others.
  • Laughter is a yoga, it is a true meditation that relaxes the mind working with your body.

Why can we not laugh easily?

  • Because we feel bewildered, false, uncomfortable. With shame.
  • So, when is it the best time and place to practice? In an environment of friendship, confidence where you feel super-protected.

How can we force the laughter?

  • Sometimes we use a glass of wine, a gin and tonic and others to let us go to experience that sense of well-being. But beware that we can come to overlap the effects of laughter with other effects caused by alcohol.
  • Provoked laughter is so beneficial physiologically as true laughter, so you can tax a laugh that you like, there are many recorded in the internet and start there.
  • Talking about sex also can lead us to situations with laughter. In some situations we feel more shame and therefore laughter is at first a way to hide from the shame.

Facts and Phrases laughter

  • Silence is very beautiful, but laughing is more beautiful still. F. W. Nietzsche.
  • Who laughs all, that’s the one who lives good.
  • A friend helps you when you fall, a better friend laughs at you and then helps you get up.
  • Rather than mourn for what you have lost, smile for the things you have learned.
  • World Laughter Day is the first Sunday of May, together with the celebration of Mother’s Day.