Workshop to learn to meditate

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Friend, I propose you to come to a Workshop to learn to meditate.

Next Sunday, November 12, in Gran Explorador, we will learn to meditate. Come and join us and learn to meditate in an effective and powerful way, thanks to the essence of the Mayans. Together with Hugo, we will learn the meditation of the self-existent heaven walker. A meditation methodology where we maintain our attention in expanding consciousness, expanding love and traveling along our personal path.

We will learn to feel and invoke that energy of Mayan synchrony. We will learn a little about the Mayan Calendar, that is, the Mayan horoscope that has nothing to do with the Western horoscope. A great discovery for me and I hope and I hope it is also for you.

It will be a meditation to:

  • Travel through time and space.
  • Explore the cosmos and reafirm your freedom.
  • Venture to life and expand.
  • Explore the space with special attention.

Hugo Ik from the Mayan Riviera. Learn to meditate, elevate and enjoy the here and now.

  • Place: Gran Explorador
  • C. Doctor Roux 54, bajo 2 – Barcelona
  • Sunday, November 12 – from 11am to 1pm
  • 5 € contribution
  • Confirm assistance to Sonsoles – 669 322 445 –

“We are practically nothing without the outer space, from him comes all the knowledge, the information, the prana, the rays of the sun, the vibrations of light, the Star Beings … Nothing is exclusive to the Earth, that is why it is so important explore and by the law “as it is the macrocosm is the microcosm” we are the smallest part that looks like the big one and that little by little is taking from it those qualities and experiences necessary to bring to fruition the personal evolution and It is important to know ourselves and to believe ourselves to be stellar beings living terrestrial experiences, to return again to the stars The stars that we see are Suns that in turn have planets Everything that happens is part of a gear of the Divinity. , we go exploring to attract each one those experiences that must live and constantly monitor our conscience to not miss details of what happens around us that is part of the life daily because it is in her where we experience those purposes that internally resonate with us and that attract to our life the situations that we must raise and overcome in order to follow the path with awareness.

When you need help, do not hesitate, walk inside the stars. Are you aware of your walk on Earth? If you feel lost, are you interested in getting back on track? Do you explore so much that you never feel satisfied with anything?