Workshop to Care for your inner child.

Categories: Teacher at Companies, Schools.

We propose a workshop to Care for your inner child.

  • Day: April 22nd
  • Time: from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm
  • Place: Gran Explorador
  • Given by: Mònica Cervera and Sonsoles Jiménez
  • Price: € 60

Throughout our lives we usually forget to take care of our inner child. That part of us that gets excited, delighted, loves to play and enjoys little things.

  • Have you got the feeling that sometimes it is hard for you to enjoy a day with your family or your partner?
  • Are you surprised to see others having a good time?
  • Do you think your inner child feels hurt?
  • Do you need to drink, eat chocolate or other things to enjoy and have a good time?
  • Do you notice that your emotions are anesthetized? Do you tend to block and do not feel yourself?
  • In this experiential workshop we propose you to take care of your inner child. Connect with this emotional part that we have inside us.


Through practical exercises and a customized program you will identify what your inner child is missing, learning to cover your needs and heal the wounds that have been left open in your childhood.

We offer you a respectful space where, whether you want to share your experience or learn from other experiences, you will obtain resources to identify possible blockages in your present life.


  • Comfortable clothes
  • Bring a photograph of your childhood with which you feel identified.