a Work Field by SETEM

Categories: Solidarity.

Continuing with the group of articles on volunteering, we now explain to you what is a Work Field organized by SETEM.

  • It is about having an experience and therefore moving away from the concept of achieving a goal.
  • A work field provides training, coexistence and knowledge within the two parties involved. The one that moves and the one that welcomes. That casually in this case turns out to be the opposite of what we are living as a great humanitarian tragedy. Where the countries of the north are the ones that are welcoming and the countries of the south those that are moving.
  • Those who move to another country, live together and are housed in the families that welcome them and who receive knowledge, training and benefit from this welcome.
  • It is an experience that enriches us. Learning another culture, observing another way of life, living in different environments brings us new ways of empowering ourself infront of difficulties.
  • The value of the effort is cultivated. Changes require adaptation and this requires flexibility, effort and empathy. Values ​​that are promoted in a work field in order to generate a climate of pleasantness and positiviness coexistence for both parties.
  • A work field also brings us consciousness. The possibility of observing other forms of life leads us to rethink the why of some situations are carried out, to ask ourselves the origin, the cause of a situation that we consider unfavorable. And there begins or continues the awakening of our consciousness.
  • And finally, a work field leaves a mark of love in our heart. Driving us back to our home with new friends. Friends in which we will think in our day to day when it comes to acting, moving, consuming, talking and choosing or taking decisions in our day to day life.
  • We hope you will be able to participate in a SETEM Work Field.

You can get information in the briefings that take place from the 14 of January until the end of March 2017, taking a look at the website SETEM or sending an email to camps-setem.org or making a phone call to 93 441 53 35.