Why sign up for Transpirenaica 2017?

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Are you an sport, mountains, nature, people or group lover? Yes! Keep reading then!

Why sign up for Transpirenaica 2017?

Firstly we would explain what this project consists of, although you can read about the Transpirenaica Social and Voluntary in other posts. This is a journey through the Pyrenees mountain range, starting from Cape Higuer in Guipúzcua, Basque Country to Cape Creus in Girona, Catalonia. At an sport level it is a high difficulty crossing if you make it on the whole, but the greatness of the project has been adapted so that we can all participate, the most sports’ones and the apprentices’s ones in this world of mountaineering, nature and excursions.

What factors can you take into account to join this journey? What can you evaluate about this project? What would motivate you to sign up? What do you learn in Transpirenaica 2017?

Here are 10 challenges you can overcome by enrolling yourself into Transpirenaica 2017

  1. Get good physical fitness. This journey through the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees is a great opportunity to strengthen your muscles. Walking on the mountain, up, down or level, everything requires your effort.
  2. Leave your shyness behind, socialize. If you have trouble speaking in public, recording a video, exposing your emotions. Join the Transpirenaica 2017 and you will see how you overcome it too.
  3. Improve your flexibility in environments. If you want to learn empathy, listen to the group, learn the flexibility to keep others in mind. Come to the Transpirenaica. The mountain puts you to the test and the group helps you to get your challenge.
  4. Let you help others. If you like doing things on your own and you find it difficult to ask for help or let others help you. This solidarity project is your opportunity to value the benefits of travelling and living in a group.
  5. Live, eat and sleep in community for more than 48 hours in a row. This is a big challenge if you are used to living alone. For a few days you will hear snoring, you will eat with people with other habits of hygiene, food, customs … totally different from yours. Again the adaptation is a challenge for you in the Transpirenaica!
  6. Flow and adapt to the changes. If you are one of those people that has a hard time trying new things, leave your comfort zone. Come and walk with us in the Transpirenaica. A project to leave your comfort zone.
  7. Achieve your goal. If it is hard for you to stay up to your goals. Or, in fact, it’s hard to you to even think of a goal! Sign up for the Transpirenaica Social y Solidaria. In group you will get to reach the end of the stage and the goal that you have proposed for yourself.
  8. Lead a team. Throughout the day responsibilities are shared. So in the Transpirenaica 2017 you can during one day be you the leader in the mountain. Guide the group, listen to it and respond to the needs of the majority, seeking the satisfaction of the whole group.
  9. Help others and be solidare with the neighbours. The Transpirenaica 2017 is a solidarity project, a project where we all give and we all receive. Learn to give, to help, to hand out to others what you have left over, take care of yoursefl and then give what you no longer need. Keep growing.
  10. Listen to others. Finally, a great challenge is to listen attentively to the group, detect situations and be able to act as soon as possible. Listen also to the mountains, the meteorology, nature … An exercise of active listening.

Do you fancy? Have you identified what’s your challenge? Or challenges, if you raise more than one?

If you feel like it, do not hesitate to contact us. Between all of us we can choose the option that suits you better so that you also participate in this great project and you manage to surpass your challenge!