Why should we do a Solidarity Action?

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In this post, we talk about the need to take a solidarity action? We invite you to listen to your heart for a little while.

We are starting the spring and many of us with the good weather have more desire to go out, participate and help. True?

  • What is the use of starting and passing through years if we are stuck in our lives?
  • What is the use of making year-end resolutions if we do not value them as far as we have gone? Whether we have succeeded or not? If we have changed our purpose?
  • Why do we do activities one after another? What is our goal?

For many of these answers and many other questions we could ask ourselves … and we will find out that we just do not have an answer.

  • Feeling part of a herd
  • Continuing without a clear goal
  • Following the group, the collectivity
  • Do things and not stop  …
  • In fact .. just do not find time to  just think 🙂
  • Does it ring you up? Do you identify yourself?

Well we propose that you make a solidarity action.

  • As easy as continuing to do something! All right 🙂
  • This way you will have the time occupied
  • You will be with people
  • And you will not have to think …
  • Well this last point we are not so clear … but anyway!

We propose that you make a solidarity action so that while you are busy, you do activities, you take your time and you are with other people, that is to say you relate with others …

Further on

  1. You will be helping other people!
  2. You will be growing as a person!
  3. You will be surrounded by others in a healthy environment!
  4. And you will be part of this new planet that we all want for us and future generations!

You sign up? Here are some proposals … but surely you also have more: