Where should I begin?

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Just today I asked a friend about how could she be helped.

Where should I begin? she said.

Her symptoms are:

  • Physical exhaustion
  • Crying without knowing why
  • Misunderstanding in certain situations.

In this situation, and that’s my personal opinion, and I stress it here that I am not a therapist of any kind and so all recommendations of therapies and personal experiences that I discuss in the blog are only recommendations. You can choose to contact therapists for its realization, feel free to do it.

So my personal experience would tell you to start getting stronger, both emotionally and physically.

There are many natural products on the market of trace elements, minerals and vitamins that will give you a very fast rush in a few days. You see everything with other eyes when you have strength to overcome it. These products you can buy them in pharmacies. Specifically for Barcelona I recommend the Farmancia Serra Mandri, in the Avenida Diagonal and Via Augusta. Great service and a wide range of products. I rarely had to pick it up another day, but if it is the case they have an email service or a fast and efficient whatsapp. The opening hours are from 10h to 22h, 365 days a year. Another option is the “Manantial de Salud” stores. Found in several neighbourhoods of Barcelona where you can find all kinds of natural products in them, they are a very complete herbalist. Besides the service here is also excellent at least two stores that I frequented.

And my experience in an emotional level goes through homeopathy. I was fortunate to meet a great doctor, she’s a general doctor with doctorando in homeopathy. Thanks to her I could start managing my emotional part. In this case the treatment of homeopathy is slower, but effective at least as far as my experience is concerned. If you opt for this option, you can also ask the homeopathy doctor to prescribe you natural products for your physical recovery.

Drawbacks of this proposal?

  • Homeopathy is expensive and also are natural products.
  • They are usually not covered by medical assurance companies and less by the social security system. Still I feel it is worth to drink less beers and give it the chance.
  • Another drawback, which I mentioned before, it’s the time. They are medium to long term treatments. But my experience is very good, and as you leave feeling better you can start doing other activities, workshops and therapies.