Welfare Space

Categories: Relax and Wellness.

A world of sensations, Welfare Space was born from the desire to offer an oasis of peace and comfort, to enjoy with all senses of the services offered. Our intention is to make your available outdoor space, surrounded by nature accessible to everyone ??, adapted for the disabled or have hearing or visually impaired, where you can disconnect from day to day, relax, connect with yourself again one with the elements (water, earth, fire, air), so that they can enjoy a wellness experience with your partner, family and friends, in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Getting carried away by the power of well-being, we have created a natural garden designed with criteria that prioritize the integration of vegetation in the area of Mediterranean herbs and construction, from natural elements, which enhance the feeling of being surrounded and yet within Nature.

We want to fully enjoy a wellness experience, you adentréis in a state of relaxation and harmony, in connection with your own Essence.

Welfare circuits

  • Aromatic baths: Immerse the body in an ergonomic bathtub lets you enjoy different sensations. According to the medicinal aromatic plant get a relaxing effect, stimulating, purifying, activating circulation, prevention of colds or revitalizing.
  • Footbaths: Bathrooms Flavoured feet with medicinal plants, cold, hot or alternating temperatures, whichever is the condition to be treated water, get ease the discomfort that our body has, at the same time gives a refreshing feeling of well being and relaxation.
  • We suggest that, along with pediluvis, do awaken a world of sensations at your feet, walking through the Sensory Trail.
  • Mud baths (this activity is done only in summer). The mud is a natural element abundant healing properties, allows the elimination of toxins from the body, purifies the skin leaving it very soft, helps ease the discomfort of inflammation, absorbs the body’s internal heat and gives freshness, provides an effect of sedation and relaxation . Anoint our bodies with it is a fun way to live a healthy experience.
  • Sauna. The Sauna-domo sweat lodge is a space that allows the body to eliminate toxins and lighten tensions, so that facilitates relaxation and wellness.

The activity takes place from 11h to 13h, you can choose to do in that space of time. Contact us and we help you find your welfare.