Visual Alchemy

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Visual alchemy … a workshop to reveal the secrets behind your eyes.

Re-Connect with the freedom to see

Re-discover a new and broader way to seeing ….

We celebrate a workshop on Visual Alchemy on the weekend of 11 and 12 of June:

  • Saturday from 10 to 14 and 15.30 to 19.30.
  • Sunday 10 14.30 h.
  • Location: Espacio de Yoga – C. Buscarons 7 – 08022 Barcelona
  • Price: 144 €
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Every day your eyes are exposed to a lot of information they capture. Much of this information penetrates you without being aware of it, your eyes become guardians of secrets. Secrets are uncovered in your eyes, and not in front of before them.

The workshop will be to work with your eyes. On the one hand to relax from day to day impacts and on the other hand to reveal some of these secrets. Reveal them in our eyes, not in front of our eyes. As guardians of alchemical secrets your eyes will help you to show up some information that has been sleeping during long time.

It is when we can liberate your eyes that we have Eye View! Feel your eyes, release the tension that oppresses them, and transmute the fear of View, this will heal them. Once your eyes are healthy again, you will be able to see, to transmit the reflection of Being what you are. Then you can have your eyes open to life, with understanding and with a constant physical connection. This is the beautiful way to maintain a healthy eyes. Our eyes are attached to the nervous system, they are directly related to relaxation. They look to your inner conscious and power, they are the key to your self-healing. When you see with love, your interior and your exterior merge. It’s a beautiful way, the way of your vision!

Within the course we will also have the chance to make a shamanic journey. We all have the capacity of viewing, maybe with a portion awaken and another portion active, maybe another blurred or maybe also some part of the vision asleep, dreaming multiple realities. Through shamanic journeying we will connect with the guardian and / or custodian of the vision, who will allow us to have access to the understanding of vision in broader. We will travel with the guardians of our vision for healing, complicity and gifts. This is an easy exercise, you only need to release control and dive into it. No experience is requiered. You only need to love commitment with your vision. We will experience the trip, which will give us the key to the healing of the eyes, for our understanding beyond activating the light in our vision.

During the workshop we will have:

  • Rehabilitation exercises and physical healing for our eyeballs, from the base of the feeding practices to restore the proper eye spherical shape.
  • Knowledge of your way of looking to expand and elevate your look / mental focus. Psychology for you to see as you see, and decide from the freedom to see more.
  • Techniques to re-connect from your center and / or heart with the expression of your eyes. Feel the beauty of your eyes when you decide, expressing yourself through a more conscious look.
  • Feel your eyes as a way to receive and express your light. By having a strong connection with them, you’ll remember how your eyes link your micro to the macrocosm ….. Your eyes are also part of the earth-sky connection.
  • Attention Psicomagia techniques and Shamanic to access, heal, choose and cut mental states, memories, family responsibilities … etc that are affecting your eyes and freedom of Seeing. All this we can be received from the experience of discovering the immense gift of learning to know the true nature of our eyes.

The workshop will be given by Marisa Aleixandre, Umai Amara. Creator of the Yoga of the Eyes method: Visual Alchemy. Marisa feels fortunate to live consciously through her eyes and it is this consciousness that she looks to convey throughout the workshop. Also she feels blessed to understand the magic of life through alchemy Visual, feeling that the eyes have a beautiful force that has fallen asleep, limiting our evolution. Through this workshop we will awake our eyes to life in this galactic dawn. As children of the earth and children of the sky throughout these two days we will be aware of the beauty that cradled us in every moment.

Like other therapies in which each person works with your body, Visual Alchemy work allows each step in their healing according to each ones evolution. Eyes store a lot of information that it is kept awaken in us. So everyone will go through this workshop in its own way. The best way for each of us, the best way each one is ready to perform.

We celebrate Workshop Visual Alchemy on the weekend of 11 and 12 of June:

  • Saturday from 10 to 14 and 15.30 to 19.30.
  • Sunday 10 14.30 h.
  • Location: Space Yoga – C. Buscarons 7 – 08022 Barcelona
  • Price: 144 €
  • Price: 99€ only saturday

Marisa is an alchemist being, kundalini yoga teacher and healing through Gems, Aromas, Sacred Geometry, Transpersonal psychology, Connection with the Being Books Akasha.

To register send an e-mail to or call 669 322 445 – 93 205 99 12.