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Transpirenaica, becoming a group

I love to start my blog with this second post about the “Transpirenaica”, a projecte leaded by Ignasi, a person with a great attitude, always looking ahead.
The Transperinaica itself is just an 800 kilometers excursion, from the Catalan Pyreenees, through the GR11 and GR10. Members start in Bilbao and they get to Cabo de Creus. The landscape is beautiful but also hard, with lots of different slopes and with the backpack carrying weight around 10 kilograms. However, what makes this project special are not the kilometres, either its difficulty, but the solidarity behind it. The Transpirenaica project consists in helping youngs with social integration difficulties to overcome their problems and focuse on a goal through sport, and trekking. That’s the great value.

This project started four years ago and up to now, there are quite a few youngs that have grown up thanks to it. If you decide to make the whole hike, the experience lasts around 42 days, however, each one can decide depending on his or her timetable and physical condition how many days to walk along the trail.

A long the year, the TSS Solidar Social Transpirenaica, does some excursions in order to:

  • Start trainning! Not only body but also the mind to achieve small goals. Last weekend, on saturday the group walked from Barcelona to Sant Cugat del Vallés anb back to Barcelona. Around 10 kilometers walking each way. It’s not much compared to the summer experience, but it’s a training. Irene, a great sportswoman and a good hiker guided the group up the mountain. Looking at the groups level, seeking the difficulty at the beginning with steady paths and at the same time being aware that the group kept the rythm and everybody got to the end. Getting on time to our meeting in Sant Cugat council.
  • Here is the second goal of the project, keeping with it year after year. Other members of the group help the organisation with it. Those are Jordi, Ramon, Samantha and Mariona together with Ignasi. All of them help in the comunication and the promotion of the project so that each year there are more youngs who can join the group and therefore see the light on their way. During this hiking the group had the possibility of explaining the project to the Sant Cugat council.
  • A third goal is to know each other and listen the day to day of each member. The team is formed by youngs with their own difficulties and adults who live the day to day life with them. Those meetings, therefore, are usesfull to the youngs so they can share their experiencies, listen to different ways of finding their way. In resume, taking a look at different points of view, learning how different associations work and finding different environments where you can conduct your group.
  • Finally, more than 20 associations that help youngs to integrate into society, use those excursions to talk about themselves and communicate their project. Among them, we find Fundació Formació i Treball, Fundació Pere Tarrés, Centre Sant Jaume Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi, Punt de Referència, IES La Mercè, Diandé Africa, Una Barcelona diferente sobre ruedas, CMU Lestonnac, Centre Educatiu Esclat and Fundacio Joan Salvador Gavina.

What else can I tell you about the TSS Solidar Social Transpirenaica?

The experience of the youngs that have walked through it. On one hand, we find Shafir. A guy from Pakistan, that left his home at the age of seventeen. Obviously because the need made him very strong. Through sport he has now found a great way of giving back the society what this one has given him. Helping other youngs in finding their own personal way. Then we have Carmelo’s experience. He’s a spanish guy that after having become part of one of the organisations, he has happily succeded in finishing his studies and finding a nice job. Both of them have done the TSS way in more than one ocasion and they both keep helping with the project.

I would also like to talk about the experience of Polina. During the project’s presentation in Sant Cugat’s Council she told us what the TSS had meant to her. Her experience is a bit different. When she left her country she tought of living on her own in the forest or in a farm area and crop what she needed for life so she would be sured that it was sane. However, as long as she was walking the Transpirenaica she realised that in life as well as in the TSS others decitions affect you and your decitions affect the others. So she realised that living on her own away from the society could initially mean a sane life for herself, but she was sure that sooner or later it would come back to her. Because we are all one and everything is now.

As the Transpirenaica is a cooperation and solidarity project , it also helps other projects that has undercome on the way.

  • Firstly, it is the project “la Piedra Viajera de Noe Gaya”, “El Camí de la Papallona”. Noe, is a handicap girl that thanks to her family and other groups like the Transpirenaica has found a way to “walk” with the group. You can read about her on her webpage and help her leaving all around the world her painted stones.
  • Secondly, there is this year TSS theme, “The refugee”. Along this excursion we have walked with the watervest from the refugee survivors which had to abandon Lesbos.
  • And finally is the “Walkfearless‬” goal. Agni and George a couple from Slovenia. They left from Marseille four months ago and have beeing walking without money since then. Their main goal is to overcome their fear. In order to achieve it they have planned to walk 3.000 kilometers to the south of Spain without money. Sharing the excursion with them was something special as well, but I guess that’s another post.

Shall we see each other in the Transpirenaica?