Trip to Tulum Mexico

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Second part of my trip to Tulum Mexico

This post is the second part of my trip to Tulum. When I get to Tulum it was night so I caught a taxi to the Uno Astrolodge. Later on I know about the collective buses, small trucks cab with capacity for up to 10 people, much cheaper than a taxi. But at night and having just arrived I paid the tourist fare. Next days we also tried to negotiate prizes and even ask people to drop us to town. But being a tourist also implies to pay a fee from time to time! So the trip to Tulum was getting interesting.

Sun Sun Love festival had its headquarters in Uno Astrolodge, a magnificent space that combines two forms of life. The “Uno Garden of Galactic peace”, community of people and the Hotel Uno Astrolodge an environmentally-friendly accommodation. Both coexist in a symbiosis since they need each other for their existence. In the words of the director of Uno, “as the musician needs the public, the body needs the spirit”. (Other communities in case you are interested).

The situation of Uno is privileged, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, on the long beach of Tulum, Punta Piedra, 10 minutes drive from the village center. The beach is surrounded by a kind of unique flora and fauna and it is located exactly between the Mayan temples of Tulum and the biosphere of Sian Ka’an. Siaan Ka’an (“where the sky was born”) occupies one-tenth of the Yucatan peninsula and it is considered a protected area, a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is the second largest coral reef of the planet. More than 340 species of birds, 450 fish species and 110 types of mammals are located in the area of the biosphere. In total there are 2.161 species of animals sharing this magnificent area of jungle and beach.

The Uno Astrolodge is based on magnificent palapas that make it really warm and friendly. A “palapa” is a construction formed with dried palms and supports of wood from the trunk of the Palm-roofed outdoor. It seems that the palapa was originated in the Philippines, but actually in Tulum fits perfectly given the large number of coconut palms that grow along the entire beach. In addition, its design allows shelter from the Sun and enjoy the freshness of the air. While we were in Tulum they built a palapa in no more than one week. Quick and simple but at the same time exotic, native and responsible with the environment. I have put the link to the hotel so that you can see the wonders that are possible with a few palms and good taste. From palapas-rooms in front of the sea to watch the sunrise without even getting out of bed to palapas rooms in top of a tower that rises above the Yucatan rain forest and lets you see the sunrise over the sea and the sunset in the jungle. An environment of great scenic beauty.

Tulum is consecrating as a holiday area where one can enjoy yoga, beach and relaxation. Thus hotels, including Uno Astrolodge, offer traditional hotel catering and accommodation services and add to its portfolio a list of activities, therapies and workshops related to the well-being and health. Among them we highlight lessons of all kinds of individual massages, yoga, ceremonies to the Sun, the Moon, the four seasons, the cardinal points as the temazcal, reiki, Satsang, meditations, Acro-Yoga, Afro dance, Capoeira and Mayan Astrology. With this offer, the hotels contribute to maintain and enhance the power of healing that it is perceived in Tulum, contributing their bit to today’s world and collecting that energy that our Mexican ancestors left.

The community of the Uno Astrolodge housed in tents and so we did too, sharing kitchen and bathrooms with members of the community and therefore also participating in the tasks of cleaning and maintenance of the place at the same time that we were helping to maintain the energy of the place with Festival Sun Sun Love.

(The firts part of my Trip to Tulum is the trip to Mexico)