Trip to Mexico

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The purpose of the trip to Mexico was the Organization of the Festival Sun Sun Love in Tulum, on the occasion of the winter solstice.

The team of the Organization had been working on the project for several months both in Barcelona and Mexico. The festival was taking place in Tulum, Riviera Maya, near Cancun. So the first part was to search the flight to Cancun. I took a one stop flight via Miami on my way there and via London Gatwick on my way back. Because stops were unavoidable what if I was to get flights within the same airline and therefore try to avoid potential problems of connections by delays, cancellations, or other incidents that can happen when travelling. This meant paying a little more, but I thought that my tranquillity was worth it. In order to scale in the U.S., I needed to take the ESTA. It’s like a simple visa, needed to pass through the US territory. ESTA is easy and fast to get, and you can request it online and you receive confirmation via email. Then you only need to print the document and take it with you. ESTA has a cost of $14 and it can be asked by citizens travelling for 90 days or less if they travel motive is leisure or work. Done this and given that the philosophy of the group Sun Sun Love it is to let things flow, there was nothing else to plan. Easy!

One day before leaving, I prepared my backpack with a sleeping bag, a mat to practice yoga and a bit more than that I usually take to do the Camino de Santiago. I also picked up my essential oils, my diary and the mobile. I asked for some Mexican pesos and Bon voyage! The exchange rate is a little bit better here, but neither is there much of a difference. I caught the train at the station of Sants, Barcelona railways R2 line, which takes you to terminal 1 at Barcelona’s airport. I did not need to check my backpack, because the size fits the standards and I found myself heading to Mexico.

I landed smoothly in Miami leaving Santa Claus dressed in warm clothes to meet a Santa Claus with short sleeve and dancing “The Taxi”. A big welcome no doubt! My flight to Cancun soon left and once in Cancun I adjusted my phone to the new time zone. Cancun, is in the region of Quintana Roo and has a time zone one hour less than other regions of Mexico. So the difference was 6 hours regarding Spain, in contrast to the center of Mexico, where the time difference is 7 hours. An aspect that struck me arriving at Cancún was that the Sunset had already taken place. It was only around 18 pm and it was already dark!

To get to Tulum I grabbed the ADO bus or as they call them trucks, that first took me to Playa del Carmen. The ADO are very good, clean, on time, and if I could say something to improve or to take into consideration it would be the temperature. It is easy that either you have no air conditioning and then you sweat a lot or the other way around. They carry a strong air conditioning that if you have the sleeping bag by hand, the best option is to get inside! Another issue to take into account is that you better buy tickets at the bus station, on the internet are much more expensive or at the same price, but not cheaper.

The first stop was Playa del Carmen, 1 hour and little more on the road. It was night, but still I walked around a bit through the shopping area until it was time to pick the bus to Tulum. My first impression of “Playa del Carmen” was… I’m in Lloret de Mar! Crowded streets of people and shops from global brands that can be found everywhere. The truth is that at that time I did not go to beaches that have a reputation for being precious,… so I can not comment on it.

It was my first encounter with the Mexican culture, on this trip, and I loved to start feeling their smells to species, print me its peculiar accent and observe every detail of their clothing, food and decoration. I love to travel and see other places, other environments. I find that the senses get awake very quickly and you discover that we are part of a movie. Here in Spain, I also feel that I am part of a film, but this situation is much more present when travelling.

The arrival in Tulum…