Traveling with conscience in Leon

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In our proposal of conscientious journeys, this time we are talking about León.

What do we propose to you when traveling with conscience in Leon?

  • Water is life
    • centro_termal_leon León is a province of Spain located in the northwest, in the Autonomous Community of Castilla León. It limits geographically with Palencia, Orense, Lugo and Oviedo. So if we want to reach the water we will have to look for it either in the lakes and reservoirs of the province or in the thermal centers. And that’s where our recommendation begins. In Santa María del Páramo we find the Centro León Termal Sport. A thermal center where you can enjoy a good thermal circuit, with antistress jets, body massages, dry sauna and wet sauna and different special programs of SPA with chocolate, algae of Galicia or aromatic chestnut, grape or apple. Contact: Polideportivo nº 1 24240 Santa Mª del Páramo · León. Phone 987 35 12 00 – 626 84 11 54.
    • Now we propose you to go to the Valley of the Valduerna, in the Valley of San Lorenzo. The sites are beautiful and there is the option of bathing in the reservoir. The water is clean and large enough that you can get lost at one end and enjoy a nudist bath.
  • Restaurants
    • casa_serrano  We recommend to include in your conscious trip to Leon, a visit to the Restaurant Serrano in Astorga. There you can taste a good food whether you choose a vegan cuisine or not. In both situations, the menu is well marked and you can taste typical products of the area as well as their specialties in mycological cuisine. In case you are several days in the area, we also recommend that you consult the Serrano Restaurant website to see the list of cooking courses and workshops that they do. It is always a good time to learn to cook new dishes and combine food under a new prism. Contact: 987 617 866. Calle Portería nº2, 24700, Astorga, León
    • restaurante_vegetariano_leon Following the gastronomic theme, a second recommendation would be the Restaurant L’Union. They do not have a website, but you can find them in C. Flórez de Lemos 3, 24004 León. Telephone 987 261 710 – 630 403 831. It is a vegetarian senzillo restaurant with a weekly menu of € 14 full or € 11 a dish with drink and dessert. The proposal is varied and original. Also they organize specific cooking courses, so again if you are going to be in the area, come and see if you fit a course. In addition to cooking you will learn about food.
    • albergue_casa_las_aguedasOther options to eat vegetarian you have in Murials de Rechivaldo, in the Albergue Casa las Aguedas.
  • Nature
    • foncebadon_atardecer Our proposal to walk through a space of the Camino de Santiago. It is about making a piece of the stage of Astorga – Foncebadón of the Way of Santiago, concretely of Rabanal of the Way to Foncebadón. The path is uphill, but it is worth reaching the top of the mountain and watching the sunset. Right in Foncebadon you can eat at the pilgrim hostel of Monte Irago. You can ask for Felipe and they will prepare you a delicious vegetarian meal.
    • matavenero A second option is to visit the Matavenero EcoAldea. It is a village near Foncebadon. They have running water and they themselves generate electricity. The access to the village is walking and there is a great descent as well as to walk during the day there. It is an option to live in a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere, and consider the need for all the amenities that surround us.

mapa_margateria This is our proposal of conscious travel in León. Of course there are monuments that are artistically worth visiting, as well as museums and other cultural themes. But again, our conscious travels propose to visit spaces where the soul finds itself.