The Magic of Order by Marie Kondo

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A few days ago the book “The Magic of Order” by Marie Kondo camed to me through a friend. Just at the same time that it came to my house 40-50 boxes full of junk. So I thought it was a good idea to start with it.

I was glad to see the beginning of the book … “Imagine your ideal room” if you read it I am sure you will all wish a nicer room, at least as nice as the one described in the book. So I decided to continue reading the book. And it has proved to be quite interesting. So I made a summary of the steps to get the order and encourage you to read the book and bring order to your home and your life.

6 steps to get order in your home according to KonMari method.

  1. Ask yourself, why do you order?
  2. Visualize the end. Like a runner visualizes how he reaches the end line in first position. Do the same. Visualize how you want your room, where you like to eat, which bathroom do you prefer. Help yourself with magazines or videos to display your target space.
  3. Start by the product category. The order suggested by Marie Kondo is to do it by category: first clothes, then books, afterwards papers, and last, confort objects and sentimental objects.
  4. For each category you start by selecting the products you want to keep because they make you happy. But how to choose what makes you happy? Think about its physical use, its function, if it gives you information and emotional attachment that binds it to you. If you still can not decide if it makes you happy, think about why it came to you. What has it meant for you all this time and what role plays now in your life. Each time you put an object on the heap of discarded, thank it for the service it has given you.
  5. Now it’s time to place products in their space. Choose a space for each product category. And placed near each other those categories of products that are related.
  6. One of the strengths of Marie Kondo method’s is how to fold clothes in the closets. Although it might not seem special, the magic of the order is based on love for each of the objects. The method consists of folding clothes vertically. If you look on youtube there are several videos so you can see how it works. We also attach the photograph so you can see how your wardrove would look like. Remember to rises clothes to the right and to order the color from darker to lighter.

Top 8 mistakes when bringing order to your home acording to KonMari method:

  1. Arrange a little each day. So you never end up.
  2. Sort by areas of the house. Marie Kondo method offers you to organize by category. That is to start looking all the clothes of the house, and put all the books category to category.
  3. Choose what you do not want. Why think negative? Think about what makes you happy, you want to keep those products because you have fun with them, vibrate, dream. Define everything one by one and think if they make you happy.
  4. Keep other people away from your decisions, relatives or friends. They are your things, your life, your home, you are the person responsible for them.
  5. Encourage other members who share space with you to also clean up. When it is more advisable to act and let others follow your example. Once you order your space, let the rest order theirs.
  6. Send part of your product to your family. What you do not need, your family doesn’t need it either. Each object has come to you for a reason and if any member of your family may want it he or she can come to you and ask for it.
  7. Start mid-afternoon, tired and having to prepare dinner. When it would best be to start at dawn, with the power of the sun ahead and without compromises.
  8. Put products of the same category spred in different areas of the house.

And here are the two main excuses that will conduct you from bringing order to your home:

  1. First, thinking that you live with children and she doesn’t. Although it is true, the proposal is that each person has its own objects in her/his personal area and therefore focus their positive energy in one area. It would be similar to share a group of friends rather than having them scattered. If there are several members in the household, define a space for everyone. Even within a single cabinet, allocating spaces separately.
  2. The second question is, it is much easier to organize a space that is yours and yours alone, than one you that you share with other people like shared flats, offices, couples who live together … Put your hands to work and see the results. So even if you do not like it, you have just tried a different way of doing things. If you organize well, you’ll do it once. And if you do it right  it you will be only once.

And finally suggestions of where dismiss things:

  • Caritas has a pick up free clothes to your home. You can call your city hall and they will put you in touch with it.
  • Re-read is a chain of second-hand books. They also pick them up for you at home if you accumulate more than a certain amount. Otherwise you can take them to the store. They pay you 20 cents per book.
  • Wallapop or similar applications. Sell products to your neighbors can be a way to recover some money.