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Good morning friends, today we introduce you to Thaïs, our provider in our Colmena Exploradora of healthy snacks. Who does not have a moment along the morning willing to eat something 🙂 Well with Thaïs those moments are healthy and very very tasty.

At her side we have learned that the flax seeds we eat must be crushed or amalgamated a little for our body to assimilate them. Otherwise, we consume them but we are not absorbing them correctly. Our organism eliminates them without taking advantage because their size does not process them. So from now on we must process them, crush them with a little oil or with the milk or yogurt that we are eating before ingesting them.

In our Colmena Exploradora we will have products to sell every Tuesday with previous online order. The selection of healthy snacks from Thaïs include:

  • Crackers
    • Pumpkin and nori seaweed, with a touch of onion and garlic.
    • Of mushrooms
    • Vegan cheese
    • Pizzeta with tomato, onion, black olive, tamari and sea salt
    • Pumpkin seeds
  • Dry fruit snacks
    • Banana, carrot, apple with a hint of cinnamon, anise and ginger
    • Banana with vanilla
    • Aniseed pears, apple
  • Snacks of Bread to eat with humus, homemade jam, olive mermelade, cheese or just a little bit of olive oil.
    • Classic rustic esenio bread, carrot, zucchini
    • Pan esenio of linseed, pumpkin, sunflower and apple
    • Crunchy cereal bars … some with chocolate
    • Choco-buckwheat (with cocoa, agave, buckwheat and coconut milk)
  • Super energetic with seeds of sesame, squash, flax and chia
    • Orejones and seeds
    • Coconut
    • Halva top with sesame and dates.
    • Datiles and coconut
    • Chocolate, raisins, pumpkin seeds and buckwheat
    • Raisins, coconut and orange
    • Chocolate and nuts
  • Our star dessert, chocolate truffles and hazelnuts. We sucked our fingers!

You can see more photos of their products, prices and the detail of healthy snacks consult our Colmena Exploradora – Thais

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Eating healthy and healthy in Sarrià Sant Gervasi Tres Torres is easy now with our Colmena Exploradora. Check out our producers and sign up in our web to see when we open sales and what products you can buy each week. And remember, you can sign up for free and share with your friends, relatives and neighbors to know our local.