Sungazing Barcelona

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Sungazing Barcelona

The activity of sungazing is the observation of the sun, solar yoga or surya yoga. It is about looking directly at the sun for a few minutes during dawn or dusk.

Why is this practice performed? In the first place, it would be interesting to note that it occurs in nature at the moment when the Sun appears or disappears in the sky. At that moment, if we pay attention we will see that everything is silent. The animals quiet and silence, the wind, the sea, the trees … all nature becomes mute. Observe it and you will see the magic of the Sun.

To this situation already interesting, my personal experience. For more than a month I have been watching dawn every day. During this time, my activity has been to see the dawn combining the moment with some exercises of yoga and the singing of some mantras.

The benefits for me are many and very wide, starting with well-being at the end of the session. As always the fact of doing physical postures of kundalini yoga, breathing and also singing mantras produce in me a state of peace and harmony very pleasant. A state I look at remembering when the alarm goes off soon enough! On the other hand, the practice of yoga in front of the sea, hearing the seagulls, the waves of the sea, the sound of the wind … is a gift for my heart and when I have shared it in group has still been more pressing this reality. And finally, my experience has led me to unlock the chakras. During the sungazing, to take a measured breath I noticed the yawns that day after day were being more powerful until unlocking a chakra, accompanied by tears in the eyes. Feeling the flow of energy in my interior that was gradually ascending.

I invite you to try it and enjoy this precious moment of every day. Happy sungazing heart!