Sunday 5 March Solidarity challenges in Barcelona

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Sunday 5 March, Solidarity challenges in Barcelona

This next Sunday, March 5, 2017, the Social Work of the Hospital San Joan de Deu comes back with a new edition of the Magic Line. Petit Explorador and Gran Explorador collaborate again in this sports, solidar and healthy project and we do it in a big way!

In this edition we propose 4 challenges, 4 goals, 4 objectives so that your walk through Barcelona is meaningful, have a sense of help, of sharing, of enjoying in a sport, healthy and supportive way. Yes, this time in the map of the Magic Line you will be delivered at the exit along with your bag and the gift buffs. In the map you will see a space dedicated to the Gimcana – Explore the Magic Line.

Explore the Magic Line is a proposal to feel the values ​​behind the project of the Hospital San Joan de Deu Foundation in Barcelona. We challenge you to participate during the tour, whether you are part of the 40km, 30km, 20km, 15km (like us) or 10km.

  1. The first challenge that we raise is, to share the Magic Line with other citizens. Give the voice, talk about the project to other groups so that more people know this great social work. As more people can know the benefits of their donations, projects that are developed, smiles that light up, families that feel love, peace, company, illusion. All this behind the Magic Line. So take a picture and upload it to social networks with #MagicLine2017.
  2. The second challenge would be to join another Magic Line team. Because we all know that together we go further! So it is our name to share with another team of the Magic Line a photograph and upload it to social networks with #MagicLine2017.
  3. The third challenge is to open your eyes. Have you noticed that many of your day-to-day actions are automatic? Many times we do things by inertia, by habit, custom, leaving behind consciousness. We propose that during your walk of the Magic Line 2017 you take a moment of consciousness. Stand where you want and take a picture of something that is either the first time you see it in your entire life or the first time you are aware that that element is there. You dare? It can be a great challenge 🙂 Again, upload the photo to the social networks with # MagicLine2017.
  4. And finally the fourth challenge is THANKS! There are a lot of volunteers around you today. Give them thanks. A simple THANK YOU will give you another color to your day. Test it! And upload a photo of your smile to social networks with the #MagicLine2017

The challenges are rewarded! Stay tuned for the social networks of Petit Explorer and Great Explorer and you will have the answers in the next days

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