Start with Zen meditation

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Zen philosophy (in Japanese, “silent meditation“) is a meditation that aims to reach the Satori or “temporary indoor lighting,” which could be defined as a state of being in which the spirit is free from fear, anxiety, desires … Getting to leave the mind blank, mindfulness and living the present, being the present.

You can reach the Satori through the contemplation of nature and its assimilation in the mind of the person. To achieve this it is necessary to practice sitting meditation.

If you want to introduce yourself to the philosophy and practice of Zen meditation, this activity is for you.

  • Every Thursday from 20:15 to 21:30 h
  • Free introductory sessions in the House of Spirituality San Felipe Neri
  • C / Nena Casas # 47 Barcelona – Barrio Sarriá – Sant Gervasi
  • The introductory sessions are free, but places are limited, so registration is required. You can do this through the Contact form.
  • You must arrive at 19:30 for the reception and initiation. In this pre-meditation space, you will be explained in detail how to practice meditation and give you clear instructions on body posture, breathing and what should be your mindset.

If this is your first time with meditation, re recommend:

  • Come open and discover your inner self.
  • Come open to listen to your body. Let it talk and find out that it is your great friend above all.
  • Eliminate expectations. Inner peace will come to you when you’re ready, not when you want it, you cannot go and get it. Sorry 🙂
  • Dedicate some time to free yourself from objectives, expectations, results. Just come and try a new activity, without expecting anything in return.
  • Come in with comfortable clothes, if you want you can change before you start, there are changing rooms for it.

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