Running a temazcal

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Running a temazcal …

Running a temazcal has nothing to do with jogging. It is a shamanic ceremony guide. So although the term running can be somewhat peculiar is an activity I recommend you make even once.

A temazcal is a ceremony to the four elements of nature, fire, earth, air and water. It takes place in a sort of cabin made of logs and covered with blankets. In the center of the cabin there is a circle or small hole.

During the day the stones are heated in the fire, which represents the sun father and later during the ceremony will be introduced these stones on earth, the Pachamama, Mother Earth.

The ceremony begins with a ritual calling the four cardinal points. Each was thanks you for your guidance, your guide. And then it is time to enter the temazcal.

The starting order is first the women and then men. In this way women tend to be in one half of the cottage and men in the other half. People access crawl space and ask permission to enter. It is customary to say the phrase “all my relations” when accessing the site. Offering the act by all relations with people who have or have had.

Once inside the ceremony it is to perform the same ritual for each of the four cardinal points. First come the hot stones and one by one in the center of the temazcal are deposited. Each time you enter a stone is poured a species. Then enters the water and poured over the stones. Then the door closed, ie the temazcal is covered with a blanket. And songs are sung or is silence. This process is repeated four times, one for each cardinal point.

The great work that usually have is fear first.

The second job is claustrophobia. Although the atmosphere is very hot, the body sweat a lot and gets very hot. obviously you can leave whenever you want.

And the third major work is the environment that is too hot, the body sweat a lot and gets very hot.

But of course you do not panic, as soon go forth with a facial and a great body scrub.