Reiki therapy

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Have you ever been offered Reiki therapy?

Have you started looking for google, wikipedia, friends, etc … to know a little bit more about Reiki? Here we help you a little with it and if you want to contact us to receive a session, please go ahead!

Reiki is a healing therapy, included within what has been classified as alternative medicine. It was originated in Japan and at the beginning of the twentieth century Dr. Mikao Usui Japanese recovered it from oblivion. Reiki therapy mainly consists of healing through circulating energy through your body. Although it may seem silly, by emotional as well as physical issues there are parts of our body that are no longer in balance. The energy of the body is trapped by an emotional impact such as a quarrel or loss of a relative. As well as for physical reasons like the nurturing, the contusions or the postures that we adopt. It is easy to deduce that constantly in our day to day life we are losing the energetic balance in our body. With Reiki therapy, the goal is to recover that fluidity of energy in our body.

Reiki physically consists of the laying on of hands above your body. In a reiki session the therapist transfers the universal energy of the cosmos to you in order to circulate your energy especially in the areas where the chakras are stagnant. The energy that is transmitted through Reiki can be transmitted by anyone. In fact we all have the energy in our body and we can transmit it to others. The difference regarding Reiki therapists is that they have attended at least the first level of Reiki with an accredited teacher, and have received the first session where universal energy is channeled. From here any person initiated can perform the treatment itself.

The word Reiki comes from Rei – universal, without limits – and from Ki – vital energy, in Japanese. In other religions and cultures there is talk of Prana (Hindus), Mana (Kaunas) and Chi (Chinese). At a practical level the reiki session lasts about 45 minutes. The patient lies down on a stretcher and relaxes. Peace, tranquility and a sense of well-being will come to him throughout the treatment.