Phrases that will make you smile

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You have a slightly thick day, other sad or there are some news that move you somewhere?

Phrases that will make you smile and see the other side of your own life!

Sometimes the first thing you need is to stop and dedicate a few moments to listen to yourself, other times the option is to find items that provoke laughter on you so you can see things in a different way, as if you were a diamond. Here we propose phrases that can help you in these situations everyday. Happy day from Barcelona!

frases_del_dia There’s always another way of seeing things? … If you’ve read that … maybe you should go back to school 🙂 (in spanish the letters are shaked … and the words are written with the letters in another order.

hola How many languages you are able to say hello?

sumar_multiplica (Adding gives to multiply) so … better to think positive, nice, fun … and so to multiply it?

la_vida_de_otra_manera What if you start to take your life differently?

Or if you want you can re-start reading the post … or decide to make a laughter therapy workshop or come visit us at our office. At the very least we can take a junt @ s laughter. Phrases that will make you smile and see the other side of your own life! Smile, laugh, hugh each other and listen to your heart. Then take a look at

Happy Day of Peace and Harmony