20 Personal growth movies

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To sit on the sofa and relax the body is something we love and benefits us a lot. However when we stop our body … our mind accelerates. It is then when we turn to out and look for options to concentrate our mind on other things. One option is to watch Personal Growth Movies.

In previous posts we talked for example of painting our nails as a mean to stop our mind and get concentrat it in other things like biking, playing sports … Here we propose some movies that at the same time that we get concentrated on a theme this is reflexive and therefore as well as with our practising sport the result is that we tone our body and with the manicure we make ourselves more beautiful, with the movies we are opening ourselves to other options of doing things, questioning ours.

Personal growth movies, films for the awakening of the soul, movies for the awakening of consciousness.

  1. Now or never
  2. Buddha exploded from shame
  3. Billy Elliot
  4. Chain of favours
  5. Fallen from the sky
  6. Coach Carter
  7. Eat, Pray and Love
  8. Conversations with God
  9. Dead poets society
  10. The Groundhog Day
  11. The diary of Bridget Jones
  12. The peaceful Warrior
  13. The unstoppable Will Hunting
  14. The pianist
  15. Looking for happiness
  16. Forrest Gump
  17. Towards wild routes
  18. The mission
  19. The life of Pi
  20. Invictus
  21. Interstellar
  22. The seasons of life
  23. Maleficent
  24. Milarepa
  25. Do not look down.
  26. Samsara
  27. A buddha
  28. A possible dream
  29. An amazing mind
  30. Zen. The life of Dogen

We have sorted the personal growth movies in alfabethical order as we think that there are several ways of sorting them out and this one is also acceptable. Among the movies proposed there are films on Tantra like “Do not look down”, Films about the Zen or Buda’s way of life, Films which are a bit commercial but for that reason they are easier to see and understand as well as a bit more watchable for all publics.