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What do I understand as a Personal Coach?

For me, as a coaching I look forward to guiding, welcoming and accompanying you. A help for each one to achieve her or his own goals and objectives, whether at a personal or professional level.

In our way in life we ​​find emotions, knots or entanglements that in order to move forward, we must undo. On the path of coaching we become aware of the values ​​and beliefs that give us strength to move forward and also those that limit us. In the path of coaching we see that the answers are within us. In summary, I invite you and I accompany you if you want to know a little more about yourself. Always from my heart to yours. That is, love understood as respect, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, from the belief that all people are creative, complete and full of resources.

As Claudio Naranjo defines it, the “three” embrace of our inner persons. The embrace from a love of admiration, respecting you as a person-client and recognizing the potentiality of your Being. The compassionate love, empathic, putting yourself in your place, being present in your experience, sustaining you and accompanying you with the certainty that YOU are the person more suitable to face your difficulties. And the embrace of love that connects us with our body, with our senses.

What kind of coaching do I offer?

A coaching that is characterized on working from three different areas. On the one hand coercive coaching or coaching of the mind. Through words and exercises that our mind is able to understand, organize and manage.

A second area is systemic coaching. Throughout our coaching session sometimes arise situations that our mind has difficulties in recognizing, accepting or processing. It is then when through playing other roles we are able to see situations from new perspectives and then understand them from the mind.

And finally, the third area is gestalt coaching, which allows us to see the person in his or her complete, personal and professional environment. See that there is a relationship in our day to day situations on a personal level and situations at a professional level.

How long is the coaching relationship?

You define the time. You establish where you want to go, when and for how long.
I myself have done personal coaching for me, in a timely manner to clarify certain professional issues and sometimes for personal issues. And each time it has a different duration. It is difficult to concrete it. You decide when you want to approach a topic, for how long and when to take a break and let everything flow.

What is my path?

In the profile of the page you can read a lot about me and the process of personal growth that moves me to want to know more about me every day. To experience new situations to grow from the challenge, from the adventure, from saying yes to this exciting life.

At a professional level, I graduated in ESADE and then I started my career in a big company, working, travelling and enjoying work time with great professionals. One day I decided being a mother and there the desire to enjoy this new role.
The difficulties of my path, which later became my great friends, led me to found a small e-commerce company, Petit Explorador. And so I could unify my desire to be a mother, enjoy time with my children and at the same time offer to our society my creativity and my desire to feel complete and full of resources!
Today I am a divorced mother of three precious teenagers with whom I share this beautiful path that is life and a healthy relationship, full with growth and constant adventures. I love sharing my path with them. I feel lucky.

So I put myself at your disposal if you want me to accompany you on your way. I will do it from the heart and with my adventurous spirit, awake and respectful.
I invite you to contact me when you feel it.

Sol Jiménez
669 322 445

We do not know how things are, we do know how we observe them or how we interpret them. We live in interpretive worlds.
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