Pedaling for life

Categories: Solidarity.

Solidare and sportive event where together we can help with the beat of our heart so others can hear your heartbeating. This is an event organized by “Pedala per la vida” whose profits go to #FundaciónJosepCarreras to help children and adults with blood cancer or leukemia.

4 reasons to enjoy a Saturday in nature.

  1. Feel the beat of your heart. All spinning lovers, who are hooked just by watching the video attached. Just by looking at it, we would climb on a bike to move our legs, feel our heart as it beats, the adrenaline shoots and the smiles appearing on our lips and faces! Le’ts bike, le’ts cycle.
  2. Share with your children a charity event. Because the event “Pedal for Life” it’s made for sharing it it with your children. The plan it to get on a stationary bike, really easy, safe and does not require much movement. You’ll be a few subway or bus stops from home, easy and comfortable. You will be in a healthy environment and sharing a space of love for others, solidarity and volunteerism but also research, study, learn, knowledge, help, beyond the limits with a goal to reach.
  3. Accompany those known people who are going through a situation of pain, suffering or loss. What is Josep Carreras Foundation? It is a foundation created by the Tenor Josep Carrreras. After recovering in 1988 from leukemia, blood cancer, he founded the José Carreras Foundation with the goal of “getting that one day, people who were in my situation had more opportunities.” Thus was born the José Carreras Foundation in order that leukemia is a curable disease in all cases. Today one in five children and half of adult patients remain unable to overcome the disease, mainly because of the serious side effects of treatments.
  4. Defend your values: fight, effort, courage to face. If you feel identify with them, you are also identify with this solidarity and sporting event. Beacuse fighting a disease is something oneself can do, it requires to take out the best of yourself, face the difficulties, analyze situations optimistically, with courage and knowing that this is another challenge to overcome.

In the edition of 2015 they collaborated in the fight against cancer and “Pedala per la Vida” companies like

  • #BonPreu, #LaFageda #Superver, #CaldoAneto, #Flora, #Nutrisport With drinks, yoghurts and fruit to keep pedaling.
  • # CemGuinardóOlimpics with static bikes to enjoy our heartbeat bicycles.
  • #LesVaquetes, percussion group that enlivened the event with his pace.
  • X-Trem #Wind #Revlon with their products.

Will you attent this sports and solidarity event?

  • Day: June 4, 2016
  • Where: In the Parc del Guinardó.
  • Guided by 4 professional riders:
    • 16:30 – junior Session – Esther Arias “Young pedaled through life” (minimum 13 years 150 cm height)
    • 17:30 – Isabel Trilla and Nuria Saloni “Inner Strength”
    • 18:30 – Manel Vázquez “Ritmo for life” with DJ Xavi Sanchez
    • 19:30 – Esther Arias “A journey through life”