Oh Felix Clown course

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Do you know yourself? Are you aware of all the shields that you have build on you in order to be save when you are with your couple, mother, boss, … All those shields not to feel pain, suffer or even love. Do you feel it’s time to disarm any of those shields? If so, we propose you a clown course.

Oh Clown courses with Felix

This is a course to deepen your clown, your individual being. That one that likes to laugh without a reason, the one who feele the beat of your heart. That being that cries from the soul when you are hurted, the one who is able to see the beauty of a butterfly flying, or feel your heart beating at sun dawn.

If anything of these resounds you and the it is the time for you, here is our proposal with Oh Felix clown.

  • Wednesday from 20 to 22h, in Pedreres Space
    • c / de les Pedreres 08004 Bcn
    • Starting October 5th
    • First open class (confirming attendance)
  • Thursday from 18,15 to 20,15h at the Civic Centre Cotxeres Borrell

If you want to know more about Oh Felix, you can see his show “Felisa Memuero & the wishes” at the Teatre Teatreneu Saturday’s at 24h. A show to laugh, enjoy and travel to wherever you need to go with your heart.

You can also meet Oh Felix in the Yoga Festival of Olot! Go ahead and enjoy your trip