Ocular yoga

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Re-connect with the freedom to see in this shop Ocular Yoga.

  • Relaxing and taking care of your eyes, they heal. Re-discover a new and broader way of looking.
  • In the workshop of ocular yoga we present the vision of yoga as a union, a union with all the possibilities that your eyes give you. We unify various techniques covering the health of your eyes in full.
  • You will learn how to release the tension in your eyes while releasing your whole body. See in a relax way.
  • Your vision, what you see is shown, is associated with all your organs, your mind and your emotions. Connecting and expanding your eyes, filled with health and wellness body and mind …. for total merger with your BEING, which inhabits us all-seeing!
  • Your eyes are intimately connected to your whole body! Everything seen in you who believe inhabits BE forming. Liberating Vision ….. You free! To be today! With the Vision Present from your intimate Will BE!


Details of the workshop in Ocular Yoga

  • Saturday from 10h to 14h and 15: 30h to 19: 30h
  • Sunday from 10am to 14: 30h
  • Teacher: Marisa Aleixandre Umai Amara
  • Workshop the weekend week closed 11 and 12 June. Ask us for new dates.