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Nice phrases to feel and vibrate your day. Start the week with good slingshot, good feelings and vibrations.

7 + 1 nice phrases for your week to vibrate all the day long

  1. The word convinces but the example moves mountains.


  1. Although your life does not turn out to be the party you expected, never stop dancing.


  1. A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others abandon you, it never fails, even if her heart is breaking.



What is love?

The total absence of fear, the teacher said.

And what do we have fear about?

Love, replied the teacher.










  1. If you do not know which port you are sailing to, no wind is good enough (Seneca)


  1. To live is not only to exist,

but to exist and to create,

to know how to enjoy and to suffer

and not to sleep without dreaming.

To rest is to start dying.


7- With you there is always a good reason to smile.


  1. Thanks Mom, to get me up when I fall, for supporting me when I cannot keep up, for being my example and giving me everything you have.



Find time to give a good vibration to our day depends on us. We have several options for this as searching moments for meditation, choose time slots where we take care of ourselfs, keep love and order in our things, feed us with love and affection and give our body the support it needs to overcome key moments.