Natural rooms for renting

Categories: Teacher at Companies, Schools.

If you are planning a workshop, a course or a retreat you have the option of renting these magnificent natural rooms in the nature of Montseny. In a space with clean and nutritious energy to pamper you and your team. A great experience is worth renting a nice place to enjoy and share together.

  • Room for corporate meetings, courses, workshops or training courses, located in the Montseny.
  • 90m2 room with wooden floors, chairs with support for writing, projector, blackboards, mats for yoga, meditation cushions, …
  • The room can be divided into 2 rooms, one of 30m2 and 60m2 another depending on the needs of space.
  • They can be rented for full day or half day.
  • Option to rent rooms to sleep.
  • The room is located near the city center but in the middle of nature, with a river, mountain, places for excursions, meditations outdoors, mountain walks.
  • ideal for yoga activities, workshops, therapies and combine it with outdoor activities room.
  • cozy space that is accessible by public transport or private car. Parking around is easy and available.
  • The room has no cooking facilities, but if there are restaurants of all kinds, local, vegetarian, home to eat like supermarkets to prepare a picnic and enjoy nature in space.