Mindfulness Workshop

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I welcom you come to an Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop.

Have you heard about Mindfulness? Do you want to learn techniques to live more in the present and take the lead of your life?

Mindfulness, means to be in the present consciously, without judging yourself or judging others, becoming aware and acting voluntarily.

Have you found yourself in one of these situations:

  • You go to sleep and your mind is continuously spinning without stopping.
  • You arrive home at night and you fight with your thoughts looking to find a meaning to a conversation or a situation that has been unsatisfactorily resolved for you.
  • Have you had a situation that has caused you a reaction that you do not like at all?
  • Do you find it difficult to find an intimate partner or maintain an intimate personal relationship?

Through this workshop you can obtain strategies to better manage these situations that generate stress, acquire practical tools with which to face the challenges of your personal and professional life and improve your satisfaction with yourself.

In this workshop we will perform relaxation and meditation exercises combined with tools and practices to manage your emotions, pain, stress and situations that bother you. The goal is to practice Mindfulness and take home specific practices that you can integrate in your daily routines.

It will be a first group session of maximum 10-12 people.

  • Day:
    • Sunday, March 25th, from 17:00h to 19:30h
    • Saturday April 15, de 11h a 13:30h
  • Place: Gran Explorador – Doctor Roux 54, bajos 2
  • Given by: Sonsoles Jiménez
  • Price: € 30 advance payment, € 25 in site

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