Mindfulness Workshop for Teenagers

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Living with teenagers can be more challenging than living with young children. Are you with me?

The challenge as adults comes in that until now if we felt comfortable with our decisions or not, they were not questioned. They were our decisions and that’s how they went. At the moment when our children, nephews, students or relatives are entering adolescence, decision-making requires a consensus. We are no longer talking about a child who can clearly see your point of view. We are talking about a teenager who wants to see her point of view clearly. And obviously getting to have that clarity will require effort, work, attention and dedication.

The society in which we are immersed sends us all the number of impacts constantly and if the determination to choose our own path is already a reason for introspection. What happens in a society where the coming and going of impacts that keep us from that introspection is continuous?

We propose to offer teenagers a space where through the game we can dedicate ourselves a space of time to know ourselves. Go to know themselves.

If your son or daughter has dispersion, it is difficult to concentrate, note disorientation, confusion at this time in his life. I propose that you make this gift. A morning of introspection.

Through the game and varied dynamics we will outline a smile of light in the heart of each one of our adolescents. The light that allows them to see in their darkness when they need it.

Go ahead and share it with him or her and let him or her decide 🙂

Mindfulness Workshop for Teenagers

  • Every Friday from 18 to 19:30
  • or April 14th from 17:30 to 19
  • Doctor Roux, 54 – Great Explorador
  • Price: € 20 – Advance payment € 15