Mindfulness Solidarity Event

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We celebrate a Solidarity Event, next Saturday, January 20th from 10 to 12:30. Come and enjoy a Saturday morning with us practicing Mindfulness Solidarity Event.

Your contribution will help raise funds in favor of people who are in a vulnerable situation thanks to the Magic Line of Sant Joan de Deu.

What benefits does Mindfullness bring to you?

  • It helps you reduce the effects of stress.
  • Power your cognitive skills, attention, concentration, memory.
  • It facilitates the regulation of your emotions, improving your mood.
  • Improve body awareness
  • Improves mood.
  • It facilitates the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits, physical, mental and emotional.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness it is nowadays the resource that we lack most of. Yes, we live with a lack of concentration. We see and we become aware of the great boom that this concept is having due to this situation. So through a series of exercises we can start with this intention. Concentrate fully on a topic.

In our previous posts we talked about doing Mindfulness on a bicycle, or painting our nails. The really important issue is to become aware that our mind often takes control of us instead of being at our service. The mind decides to do one or another activity instead of continuing to concentrate on what it is doing at that moment.

Once we have the assimilated exercises we will see how unconsciously we are assimilating them and making them our way of life, our state of consciousness, our way of life. Through the exercises we learn to take full awareness of the experiences and from there we become aware of our way of living.