Mind Bicing

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Do you know the bicing? It is the service offered by the local city council to bike around town.

If you have used this service, you find relationship between bicing and meditation. Make mind bicing. Circulates mindfulness and discover a universe inside and outside yourself.

Mind Bicing. The Bicing and Mindfulness

  1. You’re in the middle … If you bike around the city you will be in the middle in terms of speed. In a few situations in life you have such a weak position.
    1. Seldom you have to take into account the situation of those above you or those below you. You are at an intermediate level. When you go bicing you must have full attention to cars to avoid being run over and also to ordinary citizens. To respect their movements and not crash into them. An intermediate level where you neither receive orders or guidelines nor give them.
    2. In our hierarchical society, we often look for places where you are who receives orders or you obey them. As a boss or as a worker you have this dual situation. As a mother/father in front of your children, as a grandfather/grandmother to your grandchildren … We tend to live in dual situations where there is only white or black, but eliminate the color range, the range of roles, the range of responsibilities. Tending to delimit two opposite poles or equidistant. As a couple. Man’s role vs woman’s role. Groups of friends with three … hard to work isn’t it? Do trios work? Or grandparents with only a grandchild? Or one-child alone versus a marriage?
    3. That is why bicing is a beautiful meditation that brings us close to the second child in a group of three. Interesting. If you have three children cycling you can understand it the best way.
    4. You’re bicing in the middle. You have to have control over elements with superior speed and greater strength. But also on elements of lower speed but greater burden of responsibility as they are defenseless.
  2. Also the bicing requires full attention if it has rained. Please desist thinking about something while bicing when it has rained. Wet asphalt, changes in floor tiles, paving stones that move, tram rails … Lots of reasons to you keep your full attention on the bike. Otherwise, you’ll go down. And I mean by double experience 🙂
  3. If you do not want to pay more than using a traditional mean of public transport, because you no longer pollute, you should pay less. You see the need to go controlling 25 minutes to return the bike before the timer starts to bill you.
  4. Also full attention to what moves like you but at different speeds. For example traffic lights. There are traffic lights for circulating a bicycle, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Sometimes also share the traffic lights for pedestrians while in others you do with pedestrians and some are exclusive for you.
  5. Mindfulness is also required to manage different images that you see before you. For example, the names of the streets, the ads of a 100% body calling loudly 🙂
  6. Mindfulness to identify whether or not there is a bike lane, if you share with pedestrians, or if you do it with vehicles. You are given all options to find which is what exists in every street and see how you access it.

Bicing in Barcelona an exercise of mindfulness, don’t you think? Make mind bicing. Circulate mindfulness and discover a universe inside and outside of you.