Meditation workshop for teenagers

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Meditation is an age-old practice whose benefits are increasingly contrasted and validated by those who practice it. We are aware of the situation our young people are living in, and we are demanding that they decide on their future when they are still discovering the present. Or those who suffer bulling in the school we ask them to look and find themselves and manifest as they are.

That is why we want to share this space of Gran Explorador with the young people. Offering them the meditation that brings them great benefits. Benefits such as improving your physical health, increase your mental agility, improve self-esteem thanks to increased attention and concentration. Reflecting later on the notes and the ease of making decisions. Meditation gives them an increase of joy and a greater capacity to enjoy the relationship with their friends, as well as a better coexistence at home and at school. A balanced and harmonious mind that affects his personal environment, family and relationships with his friends.

The meditation given is non-denominational, based on the basic principles of personal growth, mutual respect, self-knowledge (both body and mind), respect for nature and is focused on improving the capacities of attention and of the concentration.

Meditation for youth consists of two parts:

  • The first part we perform simple, healthy and safe physical exercises.
  • The second part is guided meditation through visualizations so that teenagers find it easier.