Meditation in Tres Torres Sarria Sant Gervasi

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Good day explorers, we propose a new activity that we have started this month of September, Meditation in Tres Torres Sarriá Sant Gervasi

Guided group meditation in Tres Torres, Sarriá Sant Gervasi, Pranayama

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 8 am to 8:30 am
  • Doctor Roux 54 – bajos 2, Barcelona (next to FGC Tres Torres L6)

Every morning we gather to meditate and we want to share it with you.

For about 30-45 minutes we start all the group day invoking the goals for our day. Throughout meditation we do pranayama exercises. We started with a joint prayer, sitting cross-legged or in a chair, placing the palms together in the center of the chest (prayer mudra) and chanting the Adi Mantra three times, “NGO NAMO GURU DEV NAMO”

  1. Ego Eradicator. Sat Kriya
    1. This pranayama helps us to balance the nervous system and strengthens the cardiovascular system. In addition you will see that it takes you out of the ego dynamics so that you can focus on your Being. Achieving a calm and ready mind for action. It gives you vitality and focus. It allows you to control the insistent sex drive by recanalizing sexual energy into creative and healing activities in the body.
    2. Seated on the heels, it is the way it is taught. You can always use cushions behind the knees, or on the insteps, as an aid, or if this is impossible you can opt for the variation in simple position, with your legs crossed normally on the ground, and your back straight. They lift their arms upwards, their fingers intertwined, minus the index finger that is stretched out pointing to the sky.
    3. In this meditation we repeat the mantra SAT NAM. SAT means name or identity, and NAM means truth. In the position is INHALA forcing the abdomen inwards, and reciting the mantra SAT, high. By using the sound and forcing the abdomen tightly inward at the same time, it naturally creates a strong sound. In the EXHALATION the abdomen is allowed to come out while the NAM mantra is being recited. The sound is softer.
    4. The breathing of fire is rapid, rhythmic and continuous, from the navel and the solar plexus. To start you exhale all the air and raise the navel inwards and upwards; inhale, relax the abdomen slightly and continue in this way, inhaling and exhaling the same amount of air. You start with a slow pace and you increase the speed as you practice and strengthen your diaphragm until you reach a rate of three full breaths per second. Inhale deeply, suspend the inhalation for 10 to 30 seconds and join your thumbs extending your arms above your head. You also stretch the rest of your fingers.
    5. You exhale lowering your arms little by little.
    6. You put your hands on Gian mudra (with arms extended on the knees, palms upwards, gathering the tips of the index finger and thumb of each hand.) You remain silent for a moment.
    7. 7 minutes
  2. Meditation to break habits we do not want. Kirtan Kriya
    1. This meditation is used to break old patterns of behavior. It works great for breaking up with any other addiction.
    2. How to do it: sit cross legged with the spine straight. Place your hands on your knees (or as close as your arms allow you without bending your torso forward). Recite in high in mantra SA TA NA MA, in each SA touches the thumb with the index finger (the finger of Jupiter) phalanx with phalanx, with each TA touches the thumb with the middle finger (the finger of Saturn) with each NA touch the thumb with the ring finger (the finger of the Sun), and with each MA touch the thumb with the little finger (the finger of Mercury).
      1. SA means birth, or infinity, the sensation of expansion.
      2. TA means life, transformation, force.
      3. NA means death, connects us with the feeling of Universal Love.
      4. MA It means rebirth, keeps us in constant relationship.
      5. Kirtan kriya describes the eternal movement: birth, life , death and rebirth ….
      6. Time: During the first 5 minutes the mantra is played loudly for the next 5 minutes in whisper, the next 10 minutes in silence, the next 5 minutes whispering and the last 5 minutes in loud.
    3. Release anxiety and worries. Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
      1. It is one of the most important meditations of Kundalini Yoga.
      2. With the rhythm that is catching our breath we harmonize the rhythms of the body and the emotions and we are in harmony with the nature.
      3. It is a meditation that favors leaving behind the anger, the anxiety and the worries. Eliminating negativity in our being.
      4. Another feature of this meditation is that it increases vital energy, elevates creativity, clarity of mind, improves physical and mental health, fights stress and improves the immune system.
      5. At the practical level, what we do is to increase the beta activity of the left hemisphere, specifically the frontal and occipital regions.
      6. If you want to practice at home one day that you can not come: Sit in easy posture or in a chair with a light jalandhara bhanda (lowering the chin and contracting the neck inwards). Eyes half open, looking at the tip of the nose.
        1. Cover the right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril. Holding the breath, mentally repeats the mantra Wa-he-Guru 16 times. With each repetition of the mantra it pumps the navel point 3 times: WA-HE GURU, for a total of 48 uninterrupted pumping.
        2. After the 16 repetitions, it releases the right nostril. Use your right index finger to block the left nostril, and exhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril.
        3. Keep repeating that process.
        4. To finish: Inhale, hold the breath 5-10 seconds, then exhale. Stretch your arms up and shake your body for 1 minute, so the energy can be divided.
        5. 11 minutes.

And we end up with a lovely prayer that I love:

“Let the eternal Sun enlighten you,

let the love surround you

and let the inner Light guide your way ”

and we sang three times SAAAT NAM (The truth is my identity).

Come and join whenever you can and as long as you can. All is to begin. The rest will come! Meditation in Tres Torres, Sarriá Sant Gervasi