Meditate in your day to day

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Have you noticed the actions that you repeat in your day to day life?

Routine actions that you do every day in the same manner and form? You can convert those routines into a meditation and empty your mind. Here’s how you could do it. Each one of us makes a lot of repetitive actions every day, but certainly some of them we like to do it while others we do them as an obligation, as a routine or as a need. For example:

  • brush our teeth
  • prepare dinner, breakfast, food, cooking
  • iron clothes
  • make our bed
  • cut our nails (you do not do it every day)
  • paint your nails (you do not do it every day)
  • prepare your clothes for the next day
  • wash the dishes

Or maybe we do them in our leisure time?

  • trekking
  • running
  • climbing
  • throwing stones into the river
  • balancing stones

We invite you to identify one of the actions that you do freely and go for it. We want to propose yourself a meditation for this action you have chosen. In fact we offer two options and you choose the one which fits you better. Or rather, you try both of them. The goal of meditation is to stop the mind. Too complicated Uff it sounds hard. True, it does sound hard. It sounds and it can be complex at first. But was it not also complex to start walking? o cycling? Or the first day at work? Or your first date? Or every time you start a relationship? or when you go out from a relationship? Good if you look at your life it is full of wonderful things which require an effort!

Therefore, the objective known, we will see how we come to its achievement. How do me manage to meditate and stop our mind. To begin with, the first step is to realize that our mind is always working. Dedicate that time, to take this into account. It is the first step and the most important. In order to make a change it is necessary to be aware of that habit. Once identified, we find it much easier to lead with it, and to enjoy the state of peace, calm and, mindfulness.

Being aware of this, it is time for us to lead our mind to perform actions to gradually reach the target, mindfullness. And what are these actions? Every time we do the repetitive action mentioned before we can do the following proposals:

  • Chanting a short mantra, like to repeat “wahe guru” (worship my being). If this is weird, strange or absurd to you, try a personal mantra, repeat something you like. Like in your childhood when you could not sleep … and you counted sheeps 🙂
  • Another option is to keep the thoughts in a special area of ​​the brain for them. When a thought comes into your mind ask her to wait in the waiting room. As you would do with a professional visit.

Each of us at our own pace and with our own being, we can reach this state of inner mindfullness.

Happy trip to the Explorers of Sunlight!