Meditate and do nail art

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Did you know that you can meditate and do nail art?

Nail polish or nail art is a time of meditation for yourself. As for others it is tooth brushing, preparing their clothes every morning or night, cooking, washing dishes, trekking, running … Meditation is to calm your mind and focus all your attention on what you’re doing and nail polish is an action that requires a lot of attention. Otherwise you know you will be running the enamel stains you, you may paint your fingers or your whole hand, or get ready for your nails when grow to have lots of curves.

So take advantage and meditate and do nail art, enjoy painting your nails, take time for yourself and let go your creativity. You would be surprised to know all the options that the market offers us to enjoy this moment of meditation and also the incredible ideas that you yourself have. Here are some suggestions.

  • adhesivos_manicura Put one nail stikkers. They come in many colors and different designs.
  • manicura Choose a color and enjoy the pleasure of painting your nails a little bit. Slowly, calmly and looking at each step with affection, love and tenderness. The result is like a good meal. If you put love in it, it tastes better.
  • manicura_brillantes Among the glazes for the nail polish you will also find with bright tones.
  • manicura_nail_art The art of nail polish allows everything, so choose if you want a color for each finger. So you can remember during the day that every situation can always be looked under different viewpoints. All equally rich in experiences.
  • manicura_china Chinese manicure, a challenge to make at home, but possible with all the elements in the market.
  • celo_nail_art Do you know this zeal? A great choice for painting nails with different colors and designs.
  • estampador_manicura There are also stampers manicure. A series of drawings and facts to decorate your nails.
  • punzones_manicura It can also be useful for manicure a punch. It will let you to add touches of color to your nails. A great way to let go on your creativity.
  • terciopelo_nail_art And finally velvet nail, try and experiment on your own.

Enjoy some time for yourself, meditate and do nail art. You will notice how many times a day you use your fingers while not being aware of it. Another way to be conscious of your actions.

Have a sunny day!