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Yesterday we had the opportunity to share with more than 800 people from the education world, a workshop aimed to encourage “team building” for commom wealth within the education of future generations. The day was really interesting and funny as well. It was in itself a great example of the aim they wanted to transmit along the day.

Mind and heart go together

We could therefore enjoy:
  1. Through music, singingin, theater plays, drawings and dancing, the world of art and creativity.
  2. Great communication with the magnificent presentation of Siro López, who was able to transmit and communicate a message in a really pleasant and funny way.
  3. Phantastic intelligence in the Project of “common wealth” created, defended and lead into practice by Christian Felber.
  4. The entrepreneurial spirit of Montserrat Madre del Pozo who with her strength and hand by hand examples, lead everybody to start the change and do it now!
  5. Clever words from Oriol Junqueras, who talked about the role of leadership as a synonymous of accepting plurality, flexibility and respect to diversity.
  6. Youngers from FEDAC schools lead us around the corridors, the levels and the catering of the Barcelona Auditorium with a nice shot of humanity.
And we had also some work to get home:
  • If we are a company
    • Why do we only measure financial indicators instead of non-rate facilities which make us happier? Can we use measurable indicators that we all love and would be glad to achieve. Values that keep as all together, values that unite us.
    • Can we adjust the maximum difference between salaries so that the gap between the highest and the lovest is maximum 10 times?
    • Can we take decisions in a democratic way. Where the capital contributions differences between partenrs are up to 5 times.
    • Companies that share earnings among their partners, could instead reinvert and make donations.
  • If we are a leisure entity or a communication media …
    • We may also transmit the values that promotes the projecto #avuixdemà 24 Challenges to get the school for the XXI century. The society also educates and owes to accompany kids in their grown up process.
  • If we are governants
    • We can help to get our country to work for social policy between the state and society. A government that values the private entities and does not generate unfair competition. A country where the initiatives  like “half private half public schools” can have their place as private or public schools do.
    • We can create policies where freedom and respct are the bases for all initiatives, as well as creativity, entrepreneurship and plurality in all its ways, languages and cultures.
  • If we are teachers
    • Remember that our pupils are always a work of art.
    • Love them and dance with them this will be the signal that we are all alive.
    • Innovate with passion, technology is only the way no the end.
    • Educate in community, for the common wealth.
  • If you are a person, that we all are:
    • Life is a miracle to hug not a problem to solve.
    • If we work in rreunion, fraternity, unity versus separatism we well surely feel all much better.
    • If something attracts us, emulate it, him or her. Do it on your own way, thinking on your needs. Copying generates routine, wastage and and rivalries.

We can all build a life passionate society!

Images from FEDAC