Kirtans workshop for women

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Kirtans workshop for women.

Come next Saturday September 30th and enjoy a space for women. A space where we will sing and participate open-heartly in this workshop for women only.

It will be an open workshop, where we will connect with the poetry of kirtan, with the sweetness of the voice, with bhakti. A workshop for women where we open the spice of rhythm from our heart.

Sing and express yourself in our workshop:

  • Day: Saturday, September 30
  • Time: from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Location: Doctor Roux, 54 – Barcelona
  • Conscious contribution
  • Confirm your attendance on the 669322445 or
  • If you come without reservation, we will have priority to those women who have made the reservation until filling the capacity of the room. Thank you

The workshop is handed by:

Nigama, native of Brazil. Nigama at age 14 went to live in an Ashram, where she met Kamaduk, a woman full of Bhakti who introduced her to the chant of Kirtans. Following her travels to India she has been developing her own style … of singing with devotion.


Read more about What is a Kirtan? in our post and learn about the Mantras, Bhajan and Kirtans.

MANTRAS: The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit man, which means mind, and tra, which has the sense of protection, and also of instrument. A mantra is a resource that we can use to stop the repetitive circles of thought or actions that we usually have in our mind. The vibration of a mantra already in itself helps us to curb these mental circles, and also to focus and soothe the mind. By concentrating on the repetition of sound, thoughts slowly fade away until the mind is clear and calm. It also helps the fact that the words in Sanskrit are unknown to us and therefore our mind also goes into a vacuum that helps.

Bhajan: Bhajan is the name that receives, in Sanskrit, a devotional song in the Hinduism. In this respect, bhajans can be of various forms, varying in extent, in content, in language, in rhythms and melodies, but one rule is maintained: Each line of the bhajan is sung by the leader and the rest of the present repeat the words, line by line.

KIRTAN: A type of bhajan is kirtan (or sankirtan), which in Sanskrit means ‘to repeat’. Little difference we find in them in the West except that there may be more than one person leading the singing. Sankirtans, or musical kirtans are an effective form of yoga or spiritual discipline and if sung for long periods a high concentration is observed reducing internal thinking.