Introduction to your Inner Castle

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Teresa of Jesus realised a spiritual path towards a higher consciousness that today we can study to know us better.

  • Day: September 26, Tuesday. 7pm to 9pm.
  • Doctor Roux 54, Barcelona
  • Contact: 669322445 –
  • Conscious contribution.

If you are interested then we will do an 8 session course so you can travel to your Inner Castle deeper.

The goal of traveling to your Inner Castle is to access through your own spiritual journey towards a growing awareness of the unity that we all are.

Teresa offers us throughout her life and in her writings a series of keys experienced by herself that helped her to enter her inner castle and access the Divine Being. Keys that adapted to our time are still very much in force. We will go from dwelling to dwelling until we reach our heart.

Handed by: Fernanda Villanueva – Degree in Religious Sciences, Degree in Education and Diploma in Leadership and Leadership in Schools. Professor of Natural Sciences and Biology.
Fernanda has dedicated her life to try to understand the human being, its greatness and the limits that self-imposed since childhood. Above all, she has set her eyes on the Being: ONE, where every being has its source, completeness and meaning. Fernanda puts her effort to live the experience of returning to the Source, in her and in the people who come to her courses. She has been teaching courses and talks about the spiritual process proposed by Teresa de Jesús, s. XVI in which she has deepened. Specializing in her writing: Las Moradas. From this penetration in the path proposed by Teresa she has discovered the need for self-knowledge as the basis for authentic espiritual growth, founded “in truth” as this great mystic would say. That is why Fernanda has deepened self-taught in her own knowledge working the shadow, the dream world and a millennial tool such as the Enneagram.

Come and meet us in this 2 hour introductory session to your Inner Castle.