Introduction Talk on Inca Q’eros Shamanism

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We continue in Gran Explorador with the energy of the Incas. This time we propose an Introduction Talk on Inca Q’eros Shamanism.

The Incas say: “The old times are already dead, we are already in the New Time”. They refer to the New Age in which we are already, the conscience based on the heart, the consciousness based on the ego and the fears that accompany it have ended.

The old consciousness has the symptoms:

  • If you are dissatisfied with what the ego has to offer you
  • If you feel a desire for “something else”
  • If you experience an interior emptiness in the belly that does not fill anything or anyone
  • If you feel in fear, in control, and you need to reaffirm yourself, you are constantly looking for external validation.
  • The end of the ego stage appears when your soul realises that you repeat the same cycle of actions and thoughts over and over again.

Does all this resonate with you? Have you answered in the affirmative to any of the previous questions? Do you want to move towards the stage of the heart, leaving behind the ego and fears?

Come and enjoy this talk and if you are interested the next day we offer a workshop, November 25th.

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