Interpreting dreams from our unconsciousness: Plants, Trees, Flowers and Landscapes

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Have you asked yourself sometimes when you dream something or an image comes to your mind during meditation, a massage or a hug what do these images mean? I do ask myself frequently and that is why I like to investigate which are the opinions and obviously add mine!

On this occasion I will talk about the interpretation of dreams or unconsciousness about Plants, Trees, Landscapes or Flowers.

a) Tree

  • The tree can be associated with the action of planting or it can be seen leafy and with fruits. In that case we can think of a symbol of fertility, abundance of goods or spiritual abundance. In short, abundance in what you have in mind and is good for you. There is success behind wealth.
  • If the tree breaks, wobbles, falters … it may be warning us that the path we are choosing is not the most appropriate one for us now. Alert then of our subconscious.

b) Field of cultivation, Landscape

  • If our subconscious shows us a field full of harvest, cultivation, flowery, beautiful, abundance is a sign of happiness. A good moment, good news. Fertility and prosperity in life in the near future. Ease to obtain results. It is a time to get down to work and maximize our skills. Moment of gathering, of reaching objectives, goals.
  • If the field, on the other hand, is arid, it indicates a lack of enthusiasm. Little creativity, little fertilizer, … Take conscience and see where you can get those skills or tools you need to change. Ask for help!

c) Plants

  • The plants are a good sign of evolution in the material level, their closeness to the earth links us to matter, earth. With feet on the ground. If our subconscious shows us a lush garden of living and healthy plants it reflects a great physical moment, with a lot of energy. Abundance also extends to the sentimental plane.
    If the plants that are shown to us are withered, falling … it is an indicator of lack of love. Beware.

d) Flowers

  • Dreaming of flowers is a symbol of happiness, in the short-term. Alert and prepared for the good that is presented to you. We associate flowers with the idea that someone thinks of us and makes us happy. The augury is about positive relationships, new friendships, new horizons. Let yourself be loved.