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There are a lot of plants that give us benefits for our body and are slowly becoming more recognized and used in our western culture. While in the east and other civilizations across the ocean have long been enjoying its benefits in infusions.

Here we propose a list of plants that you may make you tea and enjoy a healthier life.

  • For memory:
    • Rosemary
      • Combined with mint, Eleutherococcus and QUINA.
  • To lift the mood in the morning
    • Rosemary
      • Not addictive and it is good for memory capacity.
    • Guarana
      • As it has caffeine, it is better to take it when you are not anxious.
    • Ginseng
      • It also has caffeine so better not take it when anxiety or insomnia.
      • Drink it in the morning and not at night.
  • To stimulate celebral functions and perform well before exams or at work.
    • Noni
    • It is a tropical fruit. It is hard to find in non-tropical areas at the right price.
    • It is a universal vitalizing with many minerals and also provides lots of fiber.
  • Eleuterococo
    • It also stimulates physical and intellectual capacities.
    • It is not addictive and it is not exciting.
    • It is a good antioxidant.
  • To relax and sleep well:
    • Poppy.
      • Easy plant to obtain in our country.
      • It is highly recommended an infusion before going to sleep. It is very relaxing and unlike valerian does not interrupt dreams.
      • It can be combined with hops and passionflower.
    • Passiflora
      • Flower and leaves boiled.
      • Excellent also to relax the central nervous system. It is also an antispasmodic.
  • To remove the feeling of eating impulsively, reduce anxiety:
    • Valerian
      • relaxing plant can take half an hour before meals to avoid feeling “gluttony” or need to eat impulsively.
      • It can be combined with lemon balm, passionflower and hawthorn.
      • Create a restless sleep so do not take it at night.
    • White hawthorn
      • You can boil the leaves and flowers.
      • It is also a muscle relaxant.
      • Well as anxiolytic To purify the blood
    • Tila
      • To recover muscle level
    • Rosemary
      • You can prepare an alcohol with rosemary and smeared legs or areas to relax. 96º alcohol include more rosemary, carrot and lemon. Marinate for about 3 weeks.
  • To balance, recover from a depression
    • Plant Hypericum or St. John
      • It is also an anti-inflamatario and goes well for burns and regenerate cells.
      • Watch out if you take contraceptives, can reduce their action.
    • Hops
      • It is milder and antidepressant
  • To remove liquids and get thinner
    • Roobois
    • Oats
    • which it is also a good anxiolytic, good for the skin, depression and insomnia.

How and how much do I save infusions?

  • It is advisable to do it in a garment bag that is porous.
  • Another option would be glass jars with cork stoppers to enter the air.
  • The time must have a saved infusion is variable, not all are equal but most reduce its effects as time goes collection.

Considerations infusions

  • Although most indicated not generate addiction, whether it is better to rest from time to time, every 3 -4 months and combine them with others.
  • Furthermore, taking an infusion one day is insufficient for its effect felt. You need to be constant over time as about 3 weeks to notice its effects.

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