Inca Q’eros Shamanism Workshop

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Inca Q’eros Shamanism Workshop. Learn to heal yourself with this energetic medicine. Self-healing through conscience. This workshop is designed to teach you in Inca Ancestral Medicine with theory, practice and healing.

From the sacred mountains of Ausangate, Peru, the wisdom of the tribe of Q’eros shamans, direct descendants of the Incas. We share the techniques and tools of how to awaken who you are and transmit you the energy through four steps:

  1. Erase paralyzing emotions,
  2. Reinvent the mind,
  3. Connect with your Unmanifest and
  4. Live awake in the eternal present.

For people and therapists who wish to learn the techniques and apply the ancestral knowledge to put themselves at the service of the transit to the New Age, it is a path of self-consciousness that transforms the lives of the people who perform them. They are the techniques and tools of “how” to walk. They are the 4 steps for the transit of the conscience based on the ego, to the conscience based on the heart.

It is a road without rules, without diets, without prohibitions. In the path of freedom of your Being you can not be blocked by norms that are proper to control. It is a free path that you walk at your pace. It is not necessary to “remove” but “to release”. Suffering is not necessary. We choose the conscience.

  • What is Inca medicine?
  • Who is a shaman?
  • Ánimu and Alma.
  • Inca Benefactor Spirits and Nature.
  • The three worlds
  • The Sacred Space Inca.
  • Ayni Qarpay Started in the Energy Exchange.
  • The emotions in our luminous structure.
  • Feelings or emotions.
  • Lost of energy
  • Introduction to the Healed Healer’s Path.
  • Introduction to the Path of Personal Power.
  • Introduction to the Path of Consciousness.
  • Introduction to the Way of Transcendence.
  • The healing Technique of Illumination.

Thanks to the Inca and Toltec Shamanic techniques and the assistance of spiritual beings who, from the astral, will be present throughout the workshop, in a Sacred Space, the assistant will experience the energetic transformation that Inka shamanism offers to the world. Through this quick, practical and effective millenary medicine, experience the energetic transmutation and the erasure of a problem from your luminous field, awakening the Inca knowledge and the healing power of the Apus and Mother Earth.

We do not use techniques that include suffering. We do not use sacred plants.

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