Houses and offices can heal

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Recently we published a post about the book The Magic of Order. Now we get a little further and if you’ve made changes in your home with the book and you have experienced changes in your life, then you can go on a bit further. Tidying up your home or office can also put order in your life. Also, if you feel depressed, scattered, tired or restless and eager desire to start new personal and professional projects, we invite you to follow a few small steps.

The houses and offices can heal thanks to simple basic techniques or techniques used to measure Chi energy, like Feng Shui. So here are some suggestions to heal your office.

6 tips for healing houses and offices

  1. Give light to your home or office
    • With awareness of renewable energy and responsible consumption we can find that we have reduced lighting at our place. So please make sure you have enough light at home and in your office and that bulbs have adequate power so you can see clearly.
  2. Sort and clean your house objects
    • We pointed out this matter in the book of Marie Kondo. So if you still feel like there is something to remove, get rid of it. Leave empty space and allow new things and projects to come into your house. It is important at this point to follow the criterion of Marie Kondo. Select what gives you good vibration, good energy, those things that make you happy. The rest get rid of it.
    • Clean your home with water and vinegar.
  3. Let clean air into your home
    • You can choose to aerate the home or office or add natural products candles, incense, essential oils fresheners. Watch out not to use chemicals.
    • You can also choose to put white candles, basil leaves in clean rooms or rosewood sticks rooms.
  4. Creates spaces for rest and relaxation
    • Create spaces at home or in the office to meditate, relax, read or listen to music. Spaces where the atmosphere invites you to rest and listen to your inner body.
  5. Include objects that can provide energy Chi to your home or office.
    • A fishbowl
    • Landscape paintings or posters in perspective
    • Plants and flowers
    • A salt lamp or quartz.
    • Sound of bells, gongs, quartz elements.

But how do I know if my environment needs cleaning?

  • Do you notice that you feel like spending more time outside than indoors, although the weather is not nice? Or have you got little interest in going to work?
  • Do you avoid inviting people to your home or organizing meetings at home or at work?
  • Failures occur with little time and these are numerous?
  • Do locks get broken?
  • Have you got technical problems with electricity or gas

And why this happens What are the reasons for suddenly my space can be disruptive?

  • After suffering a serious illness or death
  • After divorce or separation
  • Due to frequent fights
  • Appealed negative events as debt, job loss, depression.

Some learnings… Did you know that there is great energy in certain areas of the planet and geologists like Dr. Jean Jacques are dedicated to analyzing these energy lines. Formerly they already knew about these lines, since most of the altars of the ancient churches were built in these energy lines. The sacred network is a line around the earth and it is spiritual and energy. Most of the altars of the great old buildings are constructed along this line. So it is possible to detect disruptive energies in homes or offices and turn them into positive energy, compatible with your life. Put into practice these tips and energize your space.