A home remedies workshop for cold

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Delve into your body and discover how to cope with colds while respecting naturally your body. Sudden changes in temperature, colder day, wet and windy can slightly weakened our immune system and let us catch colds. If we incorporate the habit of doing background treatments to strengthen our immune system or pay attention to early symptoms of colds, we will significantly reduce the discomfort that caused us the affections of the airways.

A home remedies workshop for cold where you can learn to identify the early symptoms of a cold and to implement a series of natural preparations to face them. We also teach why home remedies can be effective in removing mucus and disinfect the respiratory system, which will allow you to breathe better.

Come and discover how to fight, naturally, the first symptoms of a cold! Naturally with home remedies and therefore also respectful of your pocket. A workshop where you will learn a lot about nature that surrouns us.

  • Special prices for Friends of Gran Explorador.
  • Duration of the workshop: from 10:30 to 13:30 h
  • The activity takes place in an agro-ecological farm in the province of Tarragona.
  • Contribution: 25 €

You can contact us and to more information on this natural workshop.