Grupal meditation in Barcelona

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Are you up meditating at home? Have you discovered the pleasure of not thinking at all? Not thinking, feeling the beat of your heart, hearing your blood as it travels through your veins, listening to your gut, letting your arm complain, feeling the sting of your eyes, your neck falling, hurting … Do you usually dedicate those moments of intimacy, inner listening, peace to yourself? If you’re already used to it now we propose yourself the experience of sharing these spaces in a grupal meditation. Meditate with others, meditate in contact with another living beings. The experience of group meditation is in my view much richer than individual meditation. I invite you to experience it.

Grupal meditation in Barcelona

  1. BioEnergéticabcn chants mantras as well. It is also a yoga center where they celebrate the full moon with meditations and chants of mantras. Meditation with music and songs.
  2. Puja in the Buddhist Monastery of Garraf is a second option. In the Garraf, south of Barcelona capital, you find a Buddhist monastery. A part from the tour of the monastery that I recommend not only because of the physical space but for the great explanations, sensitivity and enthusiasm offered by her guide. Besides you can also apply to participate in the puja which is held every Saturday afternoon at the end of the tour. In this case meditation requires your silent while the puja is carried out by the monks. Silent meditation.
  3. Meditation with kirtan at Casa Verde in Barcelona. Every Wednesday in this area of Barcelona you can hear to kirtan group since a year ago. The energy of the place is special and it is transmitted to all who share the space. A green home for your heart. Meditation with music and songs.
  4. Puja of the full moon in the House of Tibet. In the House of Tibet you can find all kinds of events related to personal growth, from workshops, classes, meditations, exhibitions, lectures, … the moon pujas are monthly and shared in a space of respect. Meditations with a religious character.
  5. Kirtan meditation organized by Jaya Deva in different areas of Barcelona. On a monthly basis Jaya Deva organizes kirtan meetings in different yoga centers around Barcelona. The songs sang are from all kinds, so you might better get there openminded in order to understand some of the songs, follow and sign others and just listen to others. A space where you can feel your heart and vibrate with the energy of the group. Also during the summer you can share with other kirtan lovers, Jaya Deva’s singing in the park of the Ciutadela. Another rich and shared experience in a magnificent space of Barcelona. Meditation with music and songs.
  6. Bhakti yoga at Happy Yoga center with Manu Om. Every Monday in the center of Barcelona you can enjoy one of the wonderful voices of kirtans in Barcelona. Songs from the heart are born from creativity, spontaneity and feelings. A gift for all the senses. Meditation with music and songs.
  7. Meditations with kirtan and Ravi Ramoneda. Ravi is the first kirtan lovers with which I ran into with my family in a yoga retreat several years ago. His Catalan roots are combined in harmony with the practice of Bhakti yoga.
  8. Meditations to light by Ricard Om. Silent meditation for you, but guided by Ricard. It is sharing together a space of meditation and guided through the words of inner silence.
  9. Meditation at the Center Yogaia in Barcelona with yoga practice included. This is a yoga center that includes meditations as one more type of yoga. They are guided meditations with music in a cozy and warm space. A quiet meditation accompanied by music and silence.
  10. Meditations with kirtan in Yogaone. Training center that combines yoga with kirtan spaces where one can share the songs with Ravi, Manu, Carmen and other kirtan singers.

And there are many other options for meditation where the combination of the energy of a group is a gift to the planet, much higher than individual meditation. Adding gives to multiplying!

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