#givingtuesday – Yoga for groups

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We return with #givingtuesday this time with Pilar Pla who offers Yoga for groups.

Do you like yoga? Do you enjoy the pleasure of leaving a yoga class? If you have experienced it you will see that it is true. The postures or asanas that you can perform in a yoga class are magical. Unlike when leaving a spinning or aerobic class, when finishing a yoga class you will see that your body has gained energy. You feel lighter, cooler and as if you had emptied something of your backpack. True?

Well we invite you to join a group of friends or co-workers and form a group of yoga. Enjoy a class all together as an experience and then decide whether or not you want to continue. For this we have been contacted by Pilar Pla, with a great experience as Yoga Trainer, borned in Barcelona.

Since 2013 training in disciplines such as Vinyasa yoga, Dharma yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yoga restorative and Bikra Hot Yoga. As well as facilitator of Pranayama, breathing techniques.

Pilar defines the objectives of her classes as transmitting values, helping to improve concentration and strength as well as self-esteem. And if you have a group with children you can also try and see what they experience. Great benefits of listening to oneself, understanding how they feel, giving them tools to channel feelings and looking at life with other eyes. A yoga linked to emotional intelligence.

We agree with Pilar that yoga brings strength, flexibility, mobility, weight loss, mood improvement, relaxation, breathing, circulatory effect, elimination of toxins, massage effect, center work achieving maximum concentration and confidence in oneself all at a time!

Go ahead! Practice #givingtuesday and contact Pilar!